Monday, March 15, 2010

Okay....Really? Would you let your man wear this?

Okay, I couldn't resist posting this when I saw this on one of my favorite blogs today!

One word...WOW!

Would you let your man sport a swimsuit like this on your vacation or this summer?

I know this is a very common "type" of suit that you would see on a European vacation, Mexican vacation or any vacation for that matter (because, I'm guessing that is why they WOULD wear something like this - when they are somewhere that NO ONE knows them!).

I'm not knocking the designer at all! It's Versace, for goodness sake, you CANNOT knock Versace. It's just bewildering to see such fashion and style in a man's BIKINI swimsuit!

To the man or men that wears this suit - MORE POWER TO YOU! You, obviously, have the confidence to back it up!

Just had to share this tidbit of fashion info with everyone, because it caught me off guard today! But, Versace is smart....because now all of us fashion-crazed, trend-seeking shopaholics are all a buzz right now! Free publicity...can't go wrong with that! :)

1 comment:

  1. It even has a little round belt buckle, how cute! When I took my teenage daughters to Europe a number of years ago we went to a beach that was filled with men in bathing suits like that, though usually only of one solid color. My daughters were quite happy I had my reliable and un-embarrassing bathing trunks on our trip! Though we did agree it made for some very interesting people watching on the Riviera.