Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Valentine's Gift He Will NEVER Forget...And NEITHER WILL YOU!

Valentine's Day is right around the corner! The most romantic day of the year is upon us in a few weeks! Have you already found the perfect gift for your Valentine? Well, if you haven't, I HAVE the perfect gift!

There is an up and coming trend in the photography world called "boudoir photo shoots". It started in the bridal industry, brides wanting to take a few intimate photos for their soon-to-be hubby as they are getting ready for the wedding, what they could expect AFTER the wedding, or what they may have on UNDER that wedding gown. Do you see where I'm going with this? They end up being these amazing intimate photos and an absolutely unforgettable gift.

So, women, as well as photographers, are taking this one step further by offering "boudoir photo shoots" that is stepping out past the realm of bridal and into the "everday' world". Why not? It's a great opportunity to do something "out of the ordinary" for your companion, a.k.a Valentine, for the upcoming sweetheart holiday, a birthday, or even an anniversary.

The first step: you need a good reputable photographer that has experience in these types of shots. I say that, because a good photographer will take it beyond the sterotype of "trashy lingerie photos" and turn the photos into beautiful works of art! Another reason that you want an experienced photographer for something like this is, they will respect the intimacy level of these photos, do everything they can to make you comfortable, and will let YOU call the shots to what level of comfort you are needing in regards to setting the scene, what you choose to wear, etc. Sure, the photos can be sensual with varying degrees of lingerie, but, have FUN with it too! My hubby loves cake, which is why I did the shot of me eating a cupcake. I did lingerie, but, he also loves cars, so I did a few photos that incorporated that too. Take who you are, think about what your companion loves... mix the two together and you will have some wonderful works of art!

As it's been revealed with this blog, I did a boudoir photo shoot for my husband with a fantastic photographer (in Tulsa) by the name of Jesse Reich. I can't believe I'm "letting the world" know about this. Eeks! But, it was important to share about the feelings and emotions I had from doing something "out of the norm" for me. I have to say, it was the most amazing experience! I had worked with Jesse on some other projects and he was sharing with me this new avenue of business. It started out to be this fun, "out-of-the-box" gift for my hubby's birthday. But, it turned out to be this really great gift for me too.

I know, you are wondering what in the world am I talking about. But, it really was an amazing gift for me too! It gave me a renewed confidence within myself. I scheduled my appointment, picked out my outfits, thought about the type of shots I wanted, and headed to my photo shoot. When I arrived, I was SO NERVOUS! During the first part of the shoot, I thought my heart was going to come right out of my chest. I have done photo shoots before, but, nothing on such an intimate level (especially knowing they were for my hubby). I was FREAKING OUT! But, Jesse was amazing and he calmed me down, respected me, and told me to have fun!

As we turned the music up and I started to relax, I found myself having a ball with it! Knowing they were for my hubby, it gave me this little kick of adrenaline. I can't really explain it, but, I was having so much fun! All of a sudden this air of confidence came over me. I didn't care that my skin is/was not perfect, that the "dimples" on my thighs and bum were shining through, that my teeth were crooked or not glowing didn't matter. None of it mattered! At that moment, I felt like I was the most beautiful woman in the world and I left the studio feeling like I could really "kick some a**"! My apologies on the choice of words, but, it's the only way to describe this level of self-esteem and confidence that had come over me from doing something that I thought I could NEVER do and stepping "out-of-my-box". It was an amazing feeling of confidence that I can't ever really explain in words. I left feeling like I could conquer the world!

This gift that started out for my husband turned out to be a gift for myself. It was a perfect way to surprise him (he was TOTALLY blown away) and I suprised myself too. It is a gift that we will both cherish!

I'm telling you ladies, it's a great way to surprise your Valentine and do something for yourself too. You may be wondering WHY I shared this idea with you? It is a personal one. But, I think it's important to see the "moral" of the story. I walked away with a whole new level of CONFIDENCE that I didn't even know that I had. Style, your own personal style, isn't just about what you put ON your body, it's about how you feel on the inside too. Confidence is HUGE when it comes to personal style! A person's aura is entirely different when you are filled with confidence! Try this, I'm telling you, you won't regret it! And, even if it's not a boudoir photo shoot, every once in awhile, do something that you thought you would NEVER do. When you accomplish it, you will feel so empowered!

So, don't your boudoir photo shoot for Valentine's today!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Helping Haiti in Fashion...

Ok, I'm the first one to admit that I'm stealing this information from the infamous Rachel Zoe. Yes, THE Rachel Zoe, the stylist of the stars. WOW, to be working for her!!

Sorry, I'm "stealing" your information, Rachel, but, I felt it was important to share with more people!

Anyway, I saw this on Rachel's blog and had to share, because I think it is an awesome piece of jewelry, as well as for a great cause to support the recovery of Haiti. I will let Rachel tell you more about it. Check it out:


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Monday Markdowns (On Thursday), January 28,2010

I know, I know, I've totally been slacking on the Monday Markdowns and Weekly Style Secret. I just can't seem to get a grip on 2010. It's racing by ALREADY! But, I am working on ways to help keep me on track, so bear with me!!

Here are some amazing savings that are being offered RIGHT NOW in Tulsa, OK:

Little Black Dress (Cherry street) is offering a great opportunity for facebook lovers to shop thru their facebook page. Kelly at Little Black Dress does a fab job of posting new arrivals on her page. If you love something that you see, but, just can't get to the store, contact her! Let her know what you like, your size, etc., and she will ship it to you FREE for being a facebook friend! How great is that!

Chrome (Cherry street - across from Little Black Dress) is offering some HUGE savings right now! Don't miss out on their text messaging service either. It's a perfect way of finding out about their new arrivals, as well as coupons, special sales, etc., that they may be offering.

J Cole Shoes (Riverside and The Creek) just took additional markdowns on merchandise that was already at great prices. LOTS of 50% off merchandise! Most boots are 33% off and it's a perfect time to buy them, because you can wear them now, as well as they are on track to be popular for spring/summer too!

Baby Bump (Brookside) is offering savings for the expectant mothers. It's a boutique style store (and spa) just for you, pregnant mommies. Plus, there is all kinds of new merchandise coming in like Citizen jeans. Who says that you can't stay stylish while pregnant?!

Kate918 (101st and Yale) is being inundated with all kinds of new merchandise from their LA market trip. They are offering Miss Chic jeans for only $79.00. 30% off on Big Star and Joe's Jeans. Plus, they are a KID FRIENDLY store. To prove that, they offer a "Snow Day Coupon". If the kids are home, because schools are closed, come shopping WITH your kids! Kate918 will provide donuts and juice for the kids and $10 off a $50 purchase for moms. How great is that!

Glass Slipper (Lewis and 81st) is offering HUGE savings that range from 30-75% off on tons of merchandise. Semi-Annual sale going on right now! Plus, perfect "in between season" styles are arriving all the time!

So, Tulsans, out there! Don't delay....go shopping and enjoy these savings today!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Merchandise from Fox23 Segment - Winter Clothing at "HOT" Prices!

Fox23 - Cold Weather Clothing at "HOT" Prices

Take a peek at what you may have missed this morning on Fox23, Tulsa. This morning's "Thursday Threads" highlighted cold weather clothing at "hot" prices! It's a great way to stalk up on winter jackets, hats, mittens, and scarves before the cold weather hits again!

As always, it was SO MUCH fun to work with Ann Sterling and everyone at Fox23.

Thank you to my models - Nicole, Ashley, and Stephanie.

As well as, special thanks to the retailers that contributed to this segment:

Donna's Fashions - Tulsa
J.Cole Shoes - Tulsa

Merchandise in Segment

Calvin Klein Trench Coat - Macys
Original Price: $380.00 Sale Price: $190.00

Purple Plaid Double Breasted Pea Coat - Macys
Original Price: $220.00 Sale Price: $79.99

Metallic Grey Down Puffer Coat
Original Price: $265.00 Sale Price $79.99

Faux Fur Leopard Hat - Donna's Fashions - Tulsa
Original Price: $22.00 Sale Price: $15.40

Faux Fur Neck Warmer - Donna's Fashions - Tulsa
Original Price: $55.00 Sale Price: $38.50

Cream Tie Snow Boots - Aldo
Original Price: $100.00 Sale Price: $69.98

Ugg Sweater Boot - J. Cole Shoes - Tulsa
Original Price: $160.00 Sale Price: $140.00

Turquoise Hunter Boots (Sweater liner for $30.00)- J. Cole Shoes
Original Price: $115.00

Miscellaneous scarves, hats, and gloves from Kohls, Dillards, and Donna's Fashions

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cold Weather Clothing at "HOT" Prices! Fox23

Thursday Threads on Fox 23 tomorrow w/ Ann Sterling is always a fun time. This week we are showing and sharing some great deals on cold weather clothing at "hot" prices! You are not going to want to miss it!

3 winter coats from Macys that are each over 1/2 off in savings! Local boutiques share some of their sweet sales on winter accessories like scarves, hats, boots, and gloves, as well as major retailers.

You are not going to want to miss out on these savings! It may be warm weather today, but, around here, in Oklahoma, it could change at a moments notice. So, why not look good on those cold wintery days and save money doing it!!

Watch Fox23 Tomorrow (Thursday) between 7-8 a.m. for more details!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Golden Globes...Golden Gowns

It's Sunday night, after a successful day of watching football (I'm a HUGE MN Vikings fan!), and I'm enjoying "quiet time" on the couch watching The Golden Globes. I LOVE watching award shows. And, yes, not for the actual awards, but for the clothing....the gowns!

Wow! I am seeing some beautiful gowns (as I sit here in my sweatpants and Vikes t-shirt feeling VERY LARGE from the "football food" I consumed earlier in the day). Black, black, and black is always popular! But, I'm noticing an abundance of nude/beige color gowns or very soft tones of color. Not as much "Pow! In your face color!".

Ooooh.....oooh.....Sandra Bullock just won! She is wearing a beautiful pruple color gown, but, I have to say, it looks kind of like saran wrap. I LOVE her and her acting, but, really? It looks kind of like colored saran wrap you can get at holiday time. (Sorry, Sandra!)

The "Pow! In your face..." color that I have to comment on is Cameron Diaz. What a beautiful shade of red! Beautiful shade!

Can't wait to see what other gowns appear on the screen before 10 p.m.!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bad To The Bone...Or At Least Trying To Look Like It...

Pink Leather Motorcycle Jacket - - $400.00
Light Blue Leather Motorcycle Jacket - - $398.00
Black Faux Leather Motorcycle Jacket - - $29.99
Khaki Cotton Motorcyle Jacket - - $128.00
Aaahh, the motorcycle jacket! Does it ever really go out of style? I mean, come on, the pink jacket is from Harley Davidson. Everyone knows that Harley Davidson is iconic when it comes to motorcycle jackets.
This season, we are seeing them in a variety of styles, colors, and fabric. I, personally, was surprised at how much I liked it when I saw the motorcyle jacket in light blue. Stray from the traditional black? What? But, I like it! I like seeing the standard motorcyle jacket in other colors. The black jacket from Target, that you see above, also comes in a beautiful cream color (I had to get that one for myself!).
The motorcycle jacket follows the rocker trend that is popular right now. Pair it with some colorful tights, a ruffled skirt, and fingerless will be back in the days of Madonna. But, I will say, that is taking the rocker trend to extremes!
So, whether you ride a bike or just want to look like you ride a bike, one of this season's "must-haves" is a motorcycle bike.
Don't delay...find yourself a cool and colorful motorcyle jacket today!


This is an amazing website that I LOVE! It's a great shopping tool to let you know when some of your favorite things are going on sale! What can be better than that?

No more having to scour all the different website to see what has gone on sale. It's sent to YOU instead via email.

It's set up like a referral system, so please let them know that I sent you. You can use the link that I set up in the upper left hand corner of my website. It's FREE! Plus, you can go ahead and refer your friends and family. is great, because they return the favor of sending people to their site, by sending you a gift card. How great is that!

Go to their website. (Use the link that I provided and/or let them know that Stylish Stepmom/Heidi Ducato sent you!) It will ask you a series of questions based on your shopping preferences like what you like to shop for, favorite brands, etc. Once you've finished the questions, then you have customized what your email will contain on a daily basis.

It's my favorite email of the day to see what has sent me! Of course, my hubby is wondering whether it is so great, as I usually end up buying something...ALL OF THE TIME!

So, don't delay...check out today!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Color Your Own Dress!

I'm a HUGE ShopItToMe fan, which I need to get linked to my site, because I've been meaning to do that FOREVER!!

But, as I'm reading their blog this morning - I just had to share this with MY viewers too.

Check this out! It's from the Netherlands. You can COLOR your own dress. YES, that's what I said! It is a black/white print dress that comes with textile/fabric markers and you get to color the design ANY WAY you want!

What will they come up with next!! No worries about someone having an identical outfit with this concept:

Color Your Own Dress!

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