Monday, August 31, 2009

Superman of Style by USA Weekend

SUPERMAN of STYLE! WOW, does that mean I can be Super Girl (of style)? My stepson is REALLY into Superman right now...he would be so proud of me, if I was Super Girl (of Style). Of course, he would expect me to leap from tall buildings, fly through the air, and the best I can do is add a funky necklace to a great maxi dress, fun flip flops and I'm out the door. I've "saved the world"! Well, at least MY world, anyway!

I was reading the Sunday paper and Tim Gunn caught my eye on the cover of the USA WEEKEND insert that you find in the paper. Normally, I blow right over it, because I'm busy tracking down "the ads"! BUT, being totally obsessed with the latest and greatest fashion crazes and trends...I know who this guy is and couldn't wait to read about him! It's like my husband sitting down and knowing the football player on the front of the sports page. I got nothing when it comes to the sports page! He "got nothing" when he saw how excited I was to read about Tim Gunn.

If you haven't had a chance to watch his show, "Project Runway", with Heidi Klum, you need to do watch it! (I'm sure it's successful too, because the biggest name in the modeling industry is part of the show AND HAPPENS to have the same first name as....ME! Right? Right?)

Here is what I couldn't wait to share:

Tim Gunn's Fashion Mantra:

"Sihouette, proportion, and fit. When you have those, you'll look fabulous, no matter what you're wearing!" (I added the exclamation point, because I think these words are SO IMPORTANT!)

In one, well, actually, two sentences, he was able to answer any and all questions in the fashion world.

Sihouette - make sure the sihouette fits your body type (remember, I was talking about body types?)
Proportion - make sure the proportions of the garment on your body make sense and create a balance.
Fit - make sure the garment fits in ALL THE RIGHT PLACES. If the garment is pulling/tugging in certain areas and it's causing YOU to pull and tug, then it doesn't fit properly!

Seriously, if you can remember these three simple rules, you are headed in the RIGHT DIRECTION to be a fashionista! The simplest of things like a tshirt, dress, or even a sweatsuit will look like a million bucks, if you follow these rules!

And, when you have some extra time, check out Tim Gunn on Project Runway! He knows what he is talking about and deserves the title: "Superman of Style".

So, don't delay...check out Tim Gunn and Project Runway today!

Project Runway
Lifetime Channel
Thursdays 10p.m. ET

Monday Markdowns: August 31, 2009

WOW!! Where did August go? It's the last day of the month! Here are some great "markdowns" that you don't want to miss:

Victoria's Secret (above)
Cotton Rib Henley: Sale $19.00
20% off Boots
Promo Code: 20VSBOOTS
Swim Sale: 25%-40% off

BCBGMAXAZRIA Stripe Racerback Dress: Sale $51.90
Don't forget to check out other sale items at these stores!
Toys-R-Us (for those moms that rather shop for their kids than themselves...ha!)
End of Summer Sale going on RIGHT NOW!
Charlotte Russe
(if you prefer to shop online)
FREE SHIPPING on orders over $60.00
15% off your entire order! Promo Code: BTSSHOES09
Stock-Up Sale
All Levi jeans on sale
40-50% off all Urban Pipeline, SO, and Mudd apparel for boys and girls
and so much more!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Curvy, Pear, Boyish...Which one ARE YOU?

No one person is exactly the same. However, it's my opinion, that God follows a few particular "silhouettes" when he is creating women and even some men. He has "blessed" us with a few common body types and/or "silhouettes". Are you curvy, boyish, busty, or PEAR? Most women will say that they are pear, because of their hips/hip size. You will find that more women base their body type on what they "think" it is vs. what their body type REALLY is. Women, nowadays, have a bad habit of looking at our negatives instead of the positives when it comes to our bodies.
Do you know what body type you are? It's important to know this prior to building a wardrobe that will be the most flattering for YOU. Here are some common body type categories that people fall into:

BUSTY: Chest is larger in proportion to your hips. Typically, you have slim arms and legs, carrying most of your wait in the middle.

PEAR: More of your weight is carried in your hip rather than your shoulders. Typically, a small bust and more defined waist.

BOYISH: Straight up and down without alot of shape. Typically, you are the same size from head to toe. Minimal curves.

CURVY: Bust and Hips that fall close in proportion with a smaller, defined waist. May otherwise be known as the hourglass figure.

You will find other names and/or a few other body type categories, but, these are the most common body types or "sihouettes" that are known today.

If you can't determine what is the best category for your body shape, take this test that I found on It will ask you a series of questions to determine your body type.

Once you know what your body type is, acknowledge it, and learn what the best "fits" are for that particular shape/type, so you will be able to go out and find the most flattering clothing items for you to "highlight your assets". Alway accentuate the positive, right??!!

Future blogs will include specific tips and/or clothing items that best fit each body type. But, until you figure out what is YOUR body type, that information won't be helpful to you at all....

So, don't delay....figure out your body shape today!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Fundamentals...

I scream...we all scream for Old Navy! Okay, we scream for ice cream too...well, I DEFINITELY scream for ice the stuff! But, I'm getting sidetracked...
Who doesn't love Old Navy, especially for kids! It's cute, trendy, and, best of all, very reasonably priced!
Don't miss out on their FUNDAMENTALS SALE that is going on right now!! They have some great deals going on for kids, as well as adults! Parents have to look good too, right?
If you can't find the time to stop by an Old Navy in your area, check out the sale online!
Don't delay...check out Old Navy today!

Francesca's Collection: 4 Day Sale

If you are a regular blog reader on 918moms, I have already expressed my LOVE for Francesca's Collection. It's a cute boutique WITHOUT the boutique prices. I, originally, fell in love with this store when I was living in Minneapolis, MN. I'm excited that it has FINALLY made it's way to Tulsa. It's a national chain, but, it just feels "quaint" when you are in the store.
They are having a 4 day sale that will run through August 30th, 2009! 30% off jewelry and an additional 50% off already reduced merchandise!
Don't miss it! Remember, it's boutique styles WITHOUT the boutique prices!!
P.S. If you don't have a Francesca's Collection near you, you can always shop online!!
Don't delay....check out Francesca's Collection today!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tshirts: Mommy Staple...and Daddy Too

Not too long ago, I posted a topic about tshirts being a Mommy staple, because it's a quick and easy way to dress up a basic outfit. We all know the generic combination of a tshirt and jeans, as well as a tshirt and shorts. It works, it's safe, and, typically, it's BORING! But, we all do it, Mommy's and Daddy's!
By adding a fun patterned tshirt to a pair of jeans or shorts, you give that outfit the "pop" that it is needing to stand out amongst the crowd.
We all do it! Like I said, men and women, are guilty of throwing on the "generic combination" of a tshirt with jeans or tshirt with shorts. My husband and I are definitely at fault for this, especially in the summer time. I, originally, posted the topic focused on the "mommy's" of the world, but soon realized that men do the same thing, so why not let "daddy's" know that they can jazz up their "generic combination" too.
I found these tshirts while I was perusing the Sunday Ads. (LOVE looking at the Sunday Ads). They are on sale this week at Target for $8.00!! Yes, that's what I said, $8.00! They are available for men and for women! The first grouping above is for men and the second group is available for women.
I just had to share the information! Because, I believe that the tshirt/jean/shorts combo is never going to go away, so why not give it some "life" with a patterned/graphic tshirt, as well as these particular tshirts are such a great price, I didn't want anyone to miss out!
Don't delay....go buy a new patterned/graphic tshirt today!

Weekly Style Secret: August 26th, 2009

This is a HUGE style secret that I, believe it or not, stole from my husband. When I met him, he had a regular "stash" of this wonderful product at his house, and to this day, we STILL have a regular "stash" of this product at our house. It is Downy's Wrinkle Releaser and it is AWESOME! My husband refers to it as "wife in a bottle". Now, I know you could take that TOTALLY the wrong way, but I think it's rather funny and find myself asking where the "wife in the bottle is" quite frequently! I'm okay with it, because I HATE to iron! I don't iron my own clothes, so I'm certainly NOT going to iron his! HA!
This is a fantastic product for people that hate to iron. WE, my husband and I, swear by it. You spray it on, pat/rub down the clothes to "smooth" out the wrinkles, give the item a minute or two to dry and you are on your way. Now, my husband will be the first to tell you that for the aboslute best results there is a "science" to the spraying, rubbing, patting, and drying of the garment. But, I have yet to figure out what he does and my quick spray, pat, shake and go works just fine!! So, either way, you will love this product!!
Try it out! Like I said, it's great for people that hate to iron, and it comes in travel sizes too, so you can take it with you! (We all know what our clothes look like after they've been stuffed in a suitcase.)
Say good-bye to wrinkles....and, maybe, the iron too!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday Markdowns: August 24th, 2009

Win a $500.00 Home Shopping Network Gift Card at Lucky Magazine. Enter to win 1 in 20. Deadline for entry is: 9/1/2009.

Bath & Body Works
Signature Collection/Body Care: Buy 3, Get 2 Free
Scentportables and Room Spray: $3.00
4 oz. candles: 2 for $10.00

Victoria's Secret
Free Shipping (thru August 26th, 2009)

Free Standard Shipping with Sweater Purchase
Offer Code: COZYSHIP

$15 off of $100+ orders
$30 off of $150+ orders
$75 off of $250+ orders
$150 off of $500+ orders
Offer Code: SAVE09

Restoration Hardware Bath Event: Save up to 20% off - EXTENDED for 1 more day!

Neiman Marcus
Last call for online clearance (!! Save up to 65% off retail prices!

FREE tank with select regular-priced Mark Nason Women's shoe purchase

Dress up to 50% off
1MX Shirts: Buy 1, get one at 50% off

Francesca's Collection
Online Fashion Find: Greek Goddess Dress
Online Code: goddess
Exp Jeans: Buy 1, get one at 50% off

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Kid Friendly Clothing (Durable) at Budget Friendly Prices!

This is what I learned while drinking coffee, playing superheros with my stepson, and "listening" to Good Morning America on TV this morning. So, I pulled the info. off their site, because I thought it was some GREAT back-to-school information for kid's clothes.

If you're like me, you want your child (or children) to look good when you drop them off at school. But, we ALL know that they don't always look as "good" when you pick them up from school. It seems they have managed to spill half their lunch on their shirt, "unmentionables" from the nose on the sleeve, and grass stains on their pants from recess. WHAT do they do?? It cracks me up whenever we pick up my stepson from school, because you can get a recap of his whole day by looking at his clothes! I'm always in search of cute, durable, good quality clothes without the big price tag. Here are some budget friendly clothing lines that Good Housekeeping Magazine rated as "the best" for durability and comfort:

Their picks for the best clothing for the price:

Polo shirts at JC Penney for $7
Boys Cherokee Jeans at Target for $13
Girls Basics Edition flare jeans at Kmart for $13
T-shirts at Wal-Mart (Faded Glory brand) for $3.50

Looks like I will be shoppng these stores VERY SOON!!

Tshirts: Mommy Staple

Everybody loves the casual chic that can come from throwing on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. We, Moms, especially know how important that looks is, because it’s easy, fast, and comfortable when you are running WITH the kids or FOR the kids all day. As a Mom, you are constantly on the move, but that doesn’t mean you have to skimp on being stylish. There are so many great t-shirts out right now that can give your basics a little life! You can look cool and be comfortable at the same time, if you remember a few simple things:

Age Appropriate – there are a lot of “fun” t-shirts out there these days, but make sure it is an age appropriate picture, phrase, or design. You never want to look like you are trying to step back in time and be a teenager again. We’ve all been there, done that, do we really want to go back?

Fit – make sure it fits in all the right places. A lot of t-shirts these days are being made to snuggly fit the body and targeted towards the high school/college generation. Pay attention to the length, neckline, and sleeves. Know your body shape and make sure it fits YOU!

Accessorize – wearing a t-shirt, especially a solid color t-shirt, is like a blank canvas. Give it your own unique twist with some fun accessories like jewelry, hair accessories, an embellished belt, and/or some funky shoes. It’s easy to dress this look up or down depending on what you put with it. Make it your own!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Packing/Unpacking from vacation...NOT Very "Stylish"!

I was able to enjoy 6 WONDERFUL days in the land of 10,000 lakes with "my boys" last week! Did I mention that it was WONDERFUL? The weather was BEAUTIFUL! The best week that Minnesota has seen all summer! (Sorry, Michelle, Clear the Clutter, you missed it by a few weeks. Although, we did heed your advice about the sweatshirts/jeans, we never even touched them!) It was perfect! However, getting ready for the trip and getting 'back into the swing of things' after the trip...NOT so perfect!

My husband will tell you that whenever I pack to go somewhere, I pack like I am NEVER COMING BACK! I have so many clothes (or "choices" is what I like to call them) jammed into my suitcase that he wonders if I have a plan that he doesn't know about...YET?!? I will "preach" to all of you about the joys of being able to mix-and-match to expand your wardrobe options and how it is a great resource ESPECIALLY when traveling. BUT, do I follow my advice?? NOPE! I'm shoving every possible clothing "choice" that I can get my hands on to fit into my suitcase. Tshirts, nice shorts, casual shorts, dressy tops, jeans, sweatshirts, flip flops (MANY flip flops), tennis shoes, dresses, swim suits, cover ups, and the list goes on and on and on. Did I mention we were in "lake country"? Yeah, I tell my husband to pack swimsuits, tshirts, cargo shorts, a sweatshirt, and a pair of jeans..DONE! That's all you need when you are at the lake...but, again, I I listen to my own advice?? NOPE!! So, when we get there, I'm dragging my suitcase across the lawn and my Mom just shakes her head as she knows that I LOVE to have my "choices" no matter where I am!!

Now, Day 1, I'm in "lake country", enjoying every minute of it and what am I wearing...a swimsuit! Now, it's evening, Day 1, in "lake country" and what am I wearing...sweat shorts and a tank top! Day 3, I'm in "lake country, again, enjoying every minute of it and what am I wearing...a swimsuit! Day 3, in the evening, in "lake country" and what am I wearing...sweat shorts and a tank top! Do you see where I'm going with this? I used a quarter of the wardrobe that was jammed into my suitcase all week. A quarter of it. That's it! I wanted to wear the same, I washed clothes while I was there. Yeah, what a concept, bring a few items instead of a million and just wash clothes while you are there. Mom tells me that every year and I NEVER listen to her! Well, I did listen to her and did wash clothes, I just ignored the "bring a few items" part. (But, really, what is a "few"?)

Now, we are back from our trip. We have been home for 3 days and I'm still trying to unpack. Did I mention that I packed for my stepson? He had an abundant amount of "choices" while he was there too! The only thing that worked in his favor was that he liked to be in the water and then be out of the water throughout the day. When he was out of the water, he wanted to be in dry clothes. So, after changing him in and out of his swimsuit ten different times during the first day, I just said "forget it" and let him swim around and play in the water with whatever dry clothes he had on at the moment. That used up quite a few of the "choices" that he had with him!
So, here I am, Day 3, from RETURNING from our trip, and I'm STILL trying to unbury myself from all the clean clothes that I'm unloading from my suitcase. My husband was done unpacking in about 2 minutes, because most of his clothes ended up in the garbage bag full of dirty clothes (laundry will be going on for weeks to play catch up! Who am I kidding! I'm never caught up with the laundry!). I think he only had 3 items to unpack out of his suitcase. Me, I keep hoping this magical fairy is going to show up, so that I don't have to unpack it all myself and put it back in my closet!

Packing and unpacking is what I hate the most when it comes to travel! I hate to pack, because I'm not in the mood to TRY and decide what I'm going to wear while I'm away, because how could you POSSIBLY know what you want to wear until you are there (See, where I need my "choices"?), and I just want to get to where I'm going. I hate to unpack, because, it never fails that I have OVER PACKED and now I have to put away everything that I have so neatly rolled (roll, never fold...means less wrinkles) in my suitcase and put it back in my closet!

Here's the other thing that aggravates me when traveling, packing, etc. It NEVER FAILS, I will over pack myself to the nth degree, but, I will get where I'm going and I will think of that ONE item that I didn't pack, wished I had, and that becomes the ONLY thing that I want to wear as I stare at a suitcase FULL of "choices". How does that happen? I will never understand!! But, it's who I am! FORTUNATELY, my husband (and my family) understands my LOVE of clothes, jewelry, and shoes...and no matter HOW HEAVY my suitcase gets, he never says a word. (Although, if you lisen VERY CAREFULLY, I think you can hear a few words being muttered under his breath.)

I could give you all of these tips on how to pack with minimal pieces and create various wardrobe options. I KNOW WHAT TO DO...I just don't listen to myself! I think I've just opened the door for a blog topic on packing with minimal pieces for another time...who knows, maybe, I'll actually READ what I write...or should I say...type!

No matter how much we had to pack and unpack it was worth it! "My boys" and I had a BLAST and couldn't believe how fast the time went. We enjoyed family, friends, and make some great memories!

So, don't delay...learn from my perils of packing and do it the right way today!

Hope everyone was able to enjoy some family time this summer!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Weekly Style Secrets

I want to introduce my "Weekly Style Secrets" that you will find throughout my blog. My goal is to give you weekly tips (or at least ONCE a week) on fashion, shopping, trends, personal image, or whatever I feel is a good tip at the moment! Hopefully, they will be helpful to you or at least "food for thought"!

Remember, my goal is to provide WEEKLY style secrets! If you miss a week or two (and, hopefully, I WON'T miss a week or two), you will be able to pull up past "secrets" by going to my "Style Secrets" tab and click on "Weekly Style Secrets". You will be able to catch up on all the latest and greatest tips at one time!

My goal is to keep you: "Staying STEP at a time!"

Weekly Style Secret: August 18th, 2009

Okay, I've already messed up my very first Weekly Style Secret by typing it in an old post instead of a NEW post.

SO...instead of typing it over again...just thought I would tell you how to get to this week's "weekly style secret" will be like a scavenger hunt. HA!

If you go up to my "Style Secrets" will find another tab within that section titled "Weekly Style Secrets" on that and it will pull up the "weekly style secret" for August 18th, 2009!

I hope it's helpful to you!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Contact Info

Please feel free to contact me at:

I would be happy to answer any questions that you may have regarding my services, events, and/or general fashion/shopping related inquiries.

My Bio

Hi, I'm Stylish Stepmom!

My two favorite things to do, well, three, depending on how you count them is being a stepmom to an adorable, heart melting, little! Wait, I guess I can't count, because I, also, really enjoy being a wife to my handsome hubby! But, you get where I'm going, right?
As I start a new phase in my life, I took some time to reflect on where I am RIGHT NOW and what I love the most....being a stepmom and keeping up on the latest fashion crazes, as well as being a total shopaholic! So, I combined my favorite things and created "Stylish Stepmom"!
Ever since I was a little girl, I have been obsessed with fashion (which also includes SHOPPING)! I grew up in a small town in rural Minnesota, but because our town was so small, we had to shop in "bigger" Minneapolis/St. Paul, which was a REALLY BIG "town" to me at the time. I LOVED shopping in "the cities"! I always wanted the "latest and greatest", knowing that I would probably stick out like a "sore thumb" in my hometown, but, I WANTED IT. Kids at school used to "name" my outfits, because they always stood out amongst the sweatshirts, tshirts, and jeans, that were clothing staples where I grew up. From there, I even managed to find a way where you could get a college degree from having a love for fashion by graduating with a B.S. in Fashion Merchandising and Business. How awesome is that!!!
I have spent my life in and out of the fashion/retail world that ranges from retail store level to the retail corporate buying level and everything in between. It has taken me to different cities and states throughout the U.S. I have past (as well as present) experience as a model, which brings me into the fashion world on a whole different level. I spent a few years, which included MANY hours throughout the days AND nights as a fashion/accessory model for ShopNBC, as well as various print, "live", and commercial work. Throughout my life, no matter where I was living and what I was doing it was tied to the fashion/retail world.
My goal is to become your online "personal" fashion consultant. I want to help you take the "guess work" out of what to wear, how to wear it, new trends, sales, and savings. I hope you can take 5 minutes out of your day to read my blogs, learn something new, and, possibly, even have a laugh or two along the way.
Stylish Stepmom wants you staying STEP at a time!

Consulting Services

Are you taking advantage of my online information, but, could use a little more guidance? Are you looking to enhance your own personal style? Provide a group/business with specific wardrobe information/guidelines? Need a "Girlfriend's Get Together" where I will host an event for you and your friends? Are you a non-profit that is planning a women's event and/or fashion show and don't know where to start?

Take a look at my "outline" of services:

Closet Clean-Up
Do you have clothes in your closet with the price tags on them? Never worn, because you don't know what to wear with that item. Do you have clothes that you insist on keeping, because you just "MIGHT" wear it again? Or do you have a ton of tops and bottoms, but have NO IDEA how to mix and match to gain additional wardrobe options? This is the service for you! I will work with you to "clean-up" your closet. Get rid of items that don't fit properly and are out-of-date. Mix and match your current items to create "outfits" and expand your wardrobe opportunities.

Closet Clean-Up Plus
This would include the "Closet Clean-Up" service, as well as taking the "outfit creation" one step further by creating a photo album of outfits from your closet and/or information of how to mix and match your existing items.

Personal Shopper
Do you have a big job interview and have no idea what to wear? Or are you a bride-to-be and/or mother-of-the-bride and want additional help in finding the perfect dress? Maybe, you just don't like to shop, but need to, and want a second opinion on what to buy, how to create a look, etc. Let me help you find the right pieces at the right places and save you time!

Girlfriend Get Togethers
Do you need some time with your girlfriend where you can kick back, have some fun, do a little shopping, and learn some new tips and tricks? Let me do all the work in "customizing" and hosting an informal event, at a location of your choice, for you and your girlfriends.

Man's Meeting
Typically, fashion and shopping go hand in hand with women. BUT, there are men that are interested in enhancing their personal style (or SHOULD enhance their personal style? Sorry, guys!). If you are one of those men that would like to enhance their personal style, get some basic wardrobe tips for business and/or casual wear, as well as just have some fun developing your own personal style, then contact me!

Contact me for fashion/shopping/personal image content for your website, newspaper, magazine, or business/group newsletter! I would be happy to provide you with content that is helpful and entertaining to your readers!

Are you part of a group, association, and/or business that would be interested in hosting a workshop/seminar for all parties involved? Topics vary and can be customized to the specific needs of the group/business. Brown Bag Seminars (lunch) are a fun, informal way to present information without taking too much time away from the employee's day!

Fashion Shows/Women's Event
Are you an association, group, or non-profit organization looking to raise money, create awareness, or have a fun event for your members via a fashion show or women's fashion/shopping/seminar event? Let me handle all the details of the fashion show/event for you, so you can focus on other priorities and when it is time for the fashion show/event, you can sit back, RELAX and ENJOY!

Please contact me for more information on my services, bookings, and rates. Give me the chance to customize my services to best fit your needs! I want to save you time and money WHILE staying stylish! Let's have some fun!

"How To" Style Basics

Coming Soon...
Coming Soon...

Weekly Style Secret: August 18th, 2009

Back-to-School Shopping!

It's time to send the kids back to school! Wow! Where does the time go!

If you want to save some money on kid's clothing (specifically, in the state of Oklahoma), check out the HUGE Just Between Friends Sales that are going on next week:

Tulsa, OK: August 23rd-29th, 2009
At: Exchange Center at Expo Square

Oklahoma City, OK: August 24th - 29th, 2009
At: Oklahoma City Fairgrounds

I'm telling you this as a "WEEK EARLY Weekly Style Secret", because it is a HUGE sale that happens twice a year and you DO NOT WANT TO MISS IT! You can save some money and find some GREAT gently used items for your kids! (We all know how fast kids grow, so the merchandise is practically brand new!)

If you are interested in finding out about sales in other states, please go to for more information! It's a GREAT resource!