Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Monday Markdowns: September 28, 2009

Savings for this week!

LAST DAY (Tues) for an extra 25% off clearance shoes.

Extra 30% off select Fall merchandise. In store and online!

White House/Black Market
Final week to receive a $25 VIP card when purchasing a full price dress!

Fall Sale (the box sale) going on now! Up to 60% off merchandise!

Victoria's Secret
FREE shipping on shoe purchase!
Promo code: SHIPSHOES

Old Navy
The Sweater Event! Prices starting at $15.00!

3 Day Event: 25% off your entire purchase!
Offer ends September 30th!
Exclusively online!
Promo Code: SAVE25

Banana Republic
Fall Sale continues!

Merona tshirts, camis, and cowl neck tops on sale!
C9 fitness wear on sale!

Gaga-a-Gogo (Tulsa)
Fall Sale starts Friday (October 2)!
30% off select merchandise!

Mode (Tulsa)
50% off select items while they last!
(new location: 3912 E. 91st St.)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

You Don't Have To Be A Cowboy...To Wear Jeans!

Boyfriend/Nordstrom Boyfriend/Old navy Skinny/Nordstrom Skinny/Old Navy

Distressed/Nordstroms Distressed/Old Navy Flared/Nordstroms Flared/Old Navy

Living in Oklahoma, jeans are definitely a clothing staple in this state. But, realistically, what states DON'T have jeans as a clothing staple these days. Oklahoma is filled with cowboys, ranchers, and, yes, cowgirls too, where jeans are their "go-to" clothing staple! Now, don't get me wrong, Levi's and Wranglers are great resources for jeans and have been around for MANY, MANY years. But, let's face it, not all of us want to wear Levi's and Wranglers...well, not everyday....

Check out what's available in denim for this fall (examples above):

1. Distressed Jeans: Yep, it's official! You, actually, WANT your jeans to have holes in them. Just be weary that there aren't more holes than actual jean.

2. Flared Jeans: These are a great option, if you are tall, as well as if you are trying to balance out a pear shape.

3. Boyfriend Jeans: These are meant to be fun, a little bit loose with a "worn out" look to them. Perfect for looking great while running errands!

4. Skinny Jeans: This style is harder to wear and you have to be more particular with your top choices in order to balance proportions appropriately. A more "forgiving" version of this style is the straight leg jean.

Here is the most important thing when it comes to jeans: MAKE SURE THEY FIT! It's not good to see body parts that you shouldn't be seeing ( you know what I'm talking about), as well as you don't want to look like you had to jump off a building to get in to them. The cut needs to fit your body type, as well as the proportion makes sense to your body type.
Jeans are a wardrobe staple that can be used for casual wear, "casual Fridays", or even dressy (depending on the cut, style, and rinse). There are a variety of ways to wear them, so make purchases that make sense to your lifestyle!
So...don't delay....find the right pair of jeans for you today!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Weekly Style Secret: CONFIDENCE

This week's style secret is probably the MOST IMPORTANT "secret" I can ever give you!

To sum it up in ONE word...CONFIDENCE! I can't stress enough how being confident in youself and who you are...ultimately, trumps any "style" advice that you could ever get. Sure, there are tips and tricks to make your "style" shine on "the outside"...but, what comes from the inside matters. When you are in a crowded room, you can tell the people that are confident and those that are less confident no matter what they happen to be wearing.

Let me give you an example....ME! I was in a situation last week where I was "dressed to the nine's" from head to toe. I had the black sleeveless dress with a flitratious hem, the rocker girl shoes, and the silver hoops and bangles to pull the whole thing together. Do you see where I'm going? Can you picture it? I had nailed it! I was feeling like I could conquer the world in heels. You know the feeling you get when you really feel like you are LOOKING GOOD...you know what I'm talking about!

ANYWAY....I headed out to my event. I say again. I was ROCKING IT in my outfit! I was looking good AND feeling good. I get to the event and I walk into this room that is filled with tall (very tall), young, beautiful women. All women with "legs up to there" in their short BLACK dresses. Most of them with beauitful, long blonde hair and young, very young. Did I mention young? To give you an idea, I was at least 15 years their senior! I was practically a high school grad by the time they were born! YIKES!

So.....are you staying with me and getting the picture? There I am, a minimum of 15 years their senior, practically in the same dress (except for the skirt of my dress was much, much longer) and at 5'8", I was feeling very, very short. All of a sudden, I panicked! I wondered what am I doing here, why am I here? I started to question myself. I started to question my CONFIDENCE. All of sudden, I didn't feel like I was "rocking my outfit". Instead, I was wondering how I could gracefully exit the room without being seen.

Within a split second, I had shifted my mindset and allowed myself to lose my confidence. It would not have mattered WHAT I was wearing, because I questioned myself.

CONFIDENCE isn't just a "style secret". It's a LIFE secret! So, always remember who you are and be proud....NO MATTER WHAT YOU ARE WEARING!

Although, a great dress and rockin' shoes can definitely pump up your confidence level....ha!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Make a Statement!

Make a Statement...WITH a STATEMENT NECKLACE. Now, what are the qualifications for a necklace to be called a "statement necklace"? Well, it's the necklace that stops you in your tracks when browsing in a store or when someone walks by with one around their neck. It's a piece of jewelry that is, typically, ornate, oversized, and intricate.

Statement necklaces are PERFECT for dressing up a basic t-shirt, tank, or dress. A piece like this DEFINITELY STANDS ALONE. Do not...I repeat...do not bury yourself in other pieces of jewelry when wearing a statement piece and/or competing prints. The statement necklace is there to....you know...say it with me....MAKE A STATEMENT!

Now, keep in mind their is STATEMENT JEWELRY like ornate, oversized bangles or earrings too. But, it's the STATEMENT NECKLACE that really catches MY eye!
J. Spencer Jewlery, a local spot in Tulsa, carries a few of the Statement pieces as I was there over the weekend buying a birthday gift. I actually carried a statement necklace around with me for quite awhile before deciding I had to show some self-restraint and ONLY BUY THE BIRTHDAY GIFT!
Okay, I know what you're thinking...if Stylish Stepmom didn't buy one, why would I want to buy one? Well, no worries there, as I have a few of them already hanging in my closet! HA!

Other places to find some fabulous and fun statement necklaces/jewelry:
http://www.bananarepublic.com/ (necklaces above are from Banana Republic)
A word about Stella and Dot. Take a look at their website. They have some REALLY FABULOUS statement pieces in their inventory. It is a direct marketing company where they show their inventory via an "in home showing". It is some really fun merchandise, so check it out and find a stylist near you! (If you live in the Tulsa area and are interested, I can give you the name of two stylists that I know in the area.)
Don't delay....find a statement necklace that makes YOUR statement today!

National Stepfamily Day!

I have to do a quick "shout out" to all the stepfamilies out there and recognize "National Stepfamily Day" that was last week, September 16th!!

It's a little belated...but, I still wanted to recognize it...since I'm a stepmom!!

Hope everyone had a GREAT day.....blended family or not!

Monday Markdowns: September 21, 2009

Here are some savings you don't want to miss for this week:

Restoration Hardware
LAST DAY (9/21) for $100.00 savings on purchases of $400.00 or more.
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Neiman Marcus
FREE SHIPPING on any online purchase
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FREE SHIPPING on orders over $50.00
FREE GIFT opportunities with Bare Minerals, Benefit, and Philosophy
Save up to 80% on select Ulta items

Francesca's Collection

Banana Republic
FALL SALE going on right now!

FALL SALE - save up to 40% off!

Old Navy
Baby and Maternity Sale - Save up to 40% off

Lane Bryant
25% off site wide! (online)
Promo Code: 000256742

Ann Taylor LOFT
$20.00 off pants
Sweaters now only $29.50

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fashion Forward Or Freakish?

Here is a perfect example of personal expression when it comes to clothing and fashion. BUT, the QUESTION IS...what statement is she trying to make? Is it a fashion forward move? Or did Halloween come early?

Clothing and style is all about personal expression, but you leave the door open for other's interpretation of it too.

What is your interpretation of Drew's outfit?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Back To School/Fall Fashion Show

I had the FUN pleasure of working with some really great kids and produce a Back To School/Fall Fashion Show for Kids!
It was SO MUCH FUN! The kids stole the show! Now, yes, the kids WERE the show...but, the outfits were supposed to be the "focal point". Instead, it was, literally, the kids that stole the show, because they were so adorable! They did a fabulous job!
I had to share a few of the photos and let you in on a few "kid trends", which can EASILY be converted into adult trends, as well.
Classic: PREPPY never goes out of style. Most people prefer the term: TIMELESS. You will always have the classic look with the jeans, cardigans, and polo shirts. You can never go wrong when you go the "classic" route!

Rock Star: Rock star is HUGE right now! Letting your "inner rock star" shine through with the skinny ties, some bling, guitars, and neon colors.

Mad For Plaid: Plaid is everywhere! It's being combined WITH the rock star look or on it's own in shirts, skirts, and even shoes. All color combinations and variations are hot right now! So, go crazy with plaid!
The hardest part for me was trying to decide what outfits to have the kids wear, because the choices are endless. If I could have had 100 kids in the show, I would STILL have a hard time picking out outfits.
Everyone at the mall, in the stores, the kids, and parents were all very helpful and all important pieces to the show! THANK YOU for participating in it!
If you haven't done your back to school shopping yet, don't delay....check out these fun styles today!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Have You Given Up?

Okay, for those of you STILL waiting to get tips on body types - curvy, boyish, or pear...my apologies! Last few weeks, they've been a little INSANE!

BUT, that's no excuse and I have NOT forgotten.

For those interested in this information, did you take the body type quiz? I posted a link for you in the August posting from ivillage.com.

If you know you're body type, sit tight! INFORMATION IS COMING YOUR WAY!

If you would LIKE to know your body type and what to wear....take the quiz at ivillage.com and THEN...SIT TIGHT AND INFORMATION IS COMING YOUR WAY!

I do remember that I kind of left the body type topic "hanging" out there in "my blog universe"...and I will return with some helpful information!

Stay tuned....

Monday, September 14, 2009

Fashion Meets Cars..Perfect for Hubby and Me!

Over the weekend, we received a circular in the mail from Mercedes-Benz. Okay, for our house, that is NOT a suprise. If you knew my hubby, you would understand why this is NO SURPRISE. He LOVES cars...anything and everything about cars. Of course, he has his particular favorites, but he pretty much enjoys ALL things cars! So, it's not a surprise when we receive something in the mail directed to him that is regarding the subject: Cars! Are you getting a clear picture to how much my husband LOVES cars?!?!

HOWEVER, this particular circular was VERY INTERESTING to me! Mercedes - Benz is a title sponsor of Fashion Week. So, they designed a circular that would appeal to MEN and WOMEN when they received it in the mail. It was just as enticing to me as it was to my husband. It was hysterical, because he actually handed it to me, first, thinking it was mine!

Within the circular, they listed FOUR irrefutable RULES of FASHION. They withstand the test of time and are tried and true rules. Here they are for everyone to remember (whether you are shopping for a Mercedes or not...ha!):

1. QUALITY trumps quantity.

Use your money wisely and buy quality pieces. Don't buy 3 to get the 4th free, just because it's a good deal. Buy pieces that are well made and will last.

2. TIMELESS beats trendy.

Classic pieces will stand the test of time. Trendy pieces are in and out after a season...sometimes even before a season ends. Fill your closet with classic pieces and a few trendy items.

3. It's all in the DETAILS.

Pay attention to the details of clothing. The buttons, hems, and zippers can really ENHANCE a garment's finished look. Pay attention to those and make sure they are quality items too!

4. THE ACCESSORIES make the look.

Complete your look with the proper accessories. Accessories can make or break an outfit! So, be smart about what you use to compliment your look.

Mercedes-Benz hit the nail on the head with these rule reminders. They are very helpful in the fashion world and who knew they would help in buying a car too!

I guess my hubby and I have similar "fascinations" after all.......

Remember....just like the circular said....LIVE FASHIONABLY!

Visit the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week website at: MBUSA.com/FallStyle

Weekly Style Secret: September 14, 2009

I wore a pair of jeans from the Gap for a fashion show this past weekend. I had read about how they had redesigned ALL of their jean styles, revamped them, and presented them "to the world". I didn't realize what a GREAt job they had done until I actually wore a pair over the weekend. BEFORE, Gap jeans never really fit me the right way. Now, a friend of mine, swore by Gap jeans...so, it definitely varies based on your body type to what style and brand fits you best.
For any of those that were like me and that Gap just didn't really fit them.....GO AND TRY AGAIN NOW! The pair I wore over the weekend fit GREAT, as well as the fabric and stretch was wonderful!

Monday Markdowns: September 14, 2009

It's a rainy Monday, here, in Tulsa, OK! We are wondering if the sun WILL EVER come out again....but, rain or shine, you can ALWAYS shop! (Well, I can anyway...ha!)

Bath & Body Works
FREE Signature Body Collection Item with a $10 purchase!
Promo Code: 1211

Pottery Barn
ONE DAY ONLY! Shop today on select home office items and receive FREE SHIPPING!
(I need to do this for my home office!)

Victoria's Secret
FREE SHIPPING with a sweater purchase (over 100 different styles) ENDS THIS WEDNESDAY (9/16)!

Neiman Marcus
FREE SHIPPING on online purchases at any price!
Promo Code: FALL NM

Buy 1, Get 1 at 50% off the Pant Collection.

FREE SHIPPING on any Smashbox purchase.
Promo Code: 39191

Old Navy
Baby and Maternity Sale going on RIGHT NOW! Up to 40% off!

ALL cords on sale!
Men/Women: $15 off
Childrens: $10 off
Baby: $5 off

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Kid's Fall Trends

Hi!! I'm working on a Kid's Fall Fashion Show for this weekend, so I haven't been bloggin very much. I'm sorry for that! BUT, you should see the SUPER CUTE clothes that are out this Fall for Kids! So fun! I will highlight some of my "fashion finds" in a future blog..just wanted to let you know what was coming up!!!

By the way....

For those of you in Tulsa, or the state of Oklahoma for that matter, 918moms is hosting the Fall Fashion Show that I'm working on...THIS Saturday, September 12th, at the Promenade Mall at 2:30 p.m., Center Court (by glass elevator). It's to help promote the "Earning for Learning" campaign at Promenade Mall!!!

If you are in the area, come check it out!!

Stay tuned.....

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Monday Markdowns: September 7, 2009

HAPPY LABOR DAY!! Hope everyone had a GREAT weekend!

Okay...with the holiday and all, there were Labor Day Sales going on EVERYWHERE! There was no way that I would be able to list them all!

All I can say is that I hope you enjoyed the special sales and savings that were being offered in celebration of the holiday weekend!!

Football CAN Be Fashionable!

" TOUCHDOWN!" " Did you see that play?" "What just happened?" "Aw, Ref, that was a bad call?" Are you beginning to hear these words and phrases echoing from the halls of your home? Better yet, are YOU saying these things as you settle in for another football season. If I have learned ONE thing from moving to Oklahoma, it's that you better LOVE football season. Fortunately, I DO! It is, truly, IN their blood in this state. I mean, REALLY, in their blood! You better know whether you bleed crimson (OU), blue (TU) or orange (OSU). If you're a "transplant", like me, it doesn't matter WHO you cheered for prior to moving to the area. NOW, you better bleed CRIMSON, BLUE or ORANGE! There are NO OTHER CHOICES! College football is HUGE! Forget about the professionals in this state, it's all about the college ball!

But, here is the deal....why not LOOK GOOD while cheering for your favorite team! The pics above are some fabulous football T's that are being offered at a local store, here, in Tulsa, called Chrome Clothing Company. You will find them on Cherry Street! These particular T's will help those that have Crimson (OU) or Orange (OSU) running through your veins.
You can look "sporty" while attending your favorite sporting event...FOOTBALL!

I have noticed that Tshirt companies for sports teams, college and/or professional, are leaning towards the "old school", vintage look. The type of T's that look "worn" and could have been passed down from generation to generation. I love the soft, cozy feeling that a vintage T gives when you're wearing it. It's similar to your favorite baby blanket or stuffed animal that has been around FOREVER and you are NEVER going to part with it. You find comfort in it!

I, also, like the "retro" vibe that a "vintage" T gives off. You're trendy AND loyal to your school at the SAME TIME. What more could you ask for? Because around here, people are VERY LOYAL to the team they support. You will find their "alliance" in EVERYTHING....flags, bumper stickers, coolers, shower curtains, and even dishes! So, why not LOOK good while showing YOUR LOYALTY!

STAY STYLISH while cheering on your favorite team!

So, don't delay...check out your favorite sports team T's today!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

These Boots Are Made For Walkin'....

These boots are made for walkin'...and that's just what I'll do...I'll walk them right out of the store and into my car!

I was "WORKING" at one of the local malls today pulling outfits for an upcoming kid's fashion show. (details to come!) My dear friend, Sue, came with me as my assistant to "assist" in gathering the outfits for the show. Well, of course, we were window shopping, as we walked from one of the anchor stores down to another anchor store in the mall. While window shopping, we could hear our "names being called" by these boots. I swear...we could hear our names being called and how these boots knew our names, I have no idea. But, we are SO GLAD that they were calling for us.

The store we entered was Charlotte Russe. Now, wait....hear me out, I know you are all thinkin' that "I'm too old to go into that store". Well, I think that EVERY TIME I walk BY that store. I feel REALLY OLD when I'm IN the store. But, this store is a great resource for following the trends, wearing the trends, and not having to spend a lot of money on the trends!

We head straight for the shoes and bypass all of the teenagers that are looking at us wondering WHY we are in the store and WHERE are our teenagers that SHOULD be shopping in the store. When we arrive in the shoe section, we realize that all footwear is "Buy One, Get One for $10.00" Yep, that's right! It's like getting a pair for free....practically! We were squealing with excitement, but no one heard us over the blaring rock music that was coming out of the speakers. Yes, I said BLARING! It was really loud and, then, I realized that it was BOTHERING me. It was offical, I'm getting old! I'm now commenting on the music volume in a store. Yikes!

But, back to the boots....they have some GREAT STYLES for VERY REASONABLE prices. Now, as you can tell by the "Buy One, Get One for $10" offer, they are not top of the line materials and/or the highest quality. But, this is what I LIKE about places like Charlotte Russe. If you are willing to look around and sift through the merchandise a little bit, you can find items that "LOOK" high quality without the "high quality" prices. Then, when you're done with that particular trend, you can move on to the next without an empty wallet.

In stores, the offer is "Buy One, Get One for $10.00". Online, the offer is "Buy One, Get One for $15.00". Not sure what the reasoning is for the different price offers (maybe shipping?), but either way, it's still a great deal! Trendy boots without the trendy prices!

Let's just say this...those boots are made for walkin'...and 3 pairs walked out to my car and 5 pairs walked out with my friend! I hope my husband isn't reading this.....or should I say OUR husbands...

So, don't delay....check out Charlotte Russe today!