Monday, December 21, 2009

Weekly Style Secret: December 21, 2009

It's Christmas! It's Christmas! Are you done shopping yet? I'm NOT. I'm about to hit the streets of Tulsa RIGHT NOW to finish up!

Just a couple things to remember as you head into "crunch" time for the holidays and gift shopping:

1. There is still time to shop online. But, you better do it today! So, you have time for the gifts to arrive, as well as making sure they still have the product(s) you are looking for to purchase. That way, if they don't, you still have a few days to come up with plan B.

2. BE PATIENT! I did a little shopping yesterday and forgot how HECTIC it can be right before the holidays. I must have stood in a checkout line at Kohls for 30 minutes! I was close to bailing and not buying the stuff I had in my hands, because I didn't have the patience anymore to stand there. But, then, I remembered the time of year and that no matter where I go, it is going to be like this, so BE PATIENT!!

3. Don't just buy something to buy something. My dad is a believer of that, because at least then, you have a package to open. But, I dont' want to deal with the hassle of taking it back, etc. So, try to take a breath from feeling "hurried" and figure out what that person would really like to have -or worst case, give them a gift card to their favorite place, so they can pick it out themselves.

4. Scan your Sunday paper circulars, online sites, and additional mailers. Retailers are ALWAYS offering last minute deals, so make sure you are GETTING the best deal in town!

5. Remember the reason for the season! Step back and remember WHY we celebrate this holiday and that should help you slow down a bit. We get a little "crazy" during this time with the baking, the shopping, the gift wrapping, etc. - and we have a tendency to overlook the REAL reason we celebrate this holiday!

Last, but, not least - ENJOY! The holidays only come once a year - don't let them pass you by in a crazed and delirious blur!! (I should really take my own advice!)

Happy Holidays, everyone!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Holiday Fashions on Channel 6 (News on 6) - Tulsa, OK

I was able to spread the holiday fashion "cheer" with everyone today on News on 6 with Latoya Silmon. It was fun, as ,working with her and the crew from Channel 6. If you saw the segment today, here is the information you are needing for the outfits that we showed on air. If you didn't get a chance to see it, I will try and get a clip from the station to post.

Work Party
Modeled by: Heidi (me)
Black Satin Topper Coat w/Rosettes
Black Floral Damask Slim Pant
Red Floral Bustier
Fabric Belt
Outfit provided by: White House Black Market

Cocktail Party
Modeled by: Olivia
Hot Pink One Shoulder Short Dress
Silver/Rhinestone Earrings
Outfit provided by: Little Black Dress

Casual Party (Festive)
Modeled by: Deedra
Purple Dress w/Jeweled Collar
Black Cardigan
Outfit provided by: Ann Taylor Loft (dress) and Banana Republic (cardigan)

It was a great time! I'm sure I talked 100 miles an hour like I usually do (I haven't watched it)!! But, I hope I helped and gave you some examples to help you sort through your wardrobe when trying to decide what to wear to your various holiday parties this season!

Happy Holidays!

Friday, December 11, 2009

The Holidays Are Here! Time To Enjoy The Holiday Cheer! And Look Good Doing It!

Yippee! The holidays are here! The holidays are here! I'm a FREAK about Christmas! Love it! Love it! Love it! But, with the holidays, also comes additional stress. Or should I say STRESSORS? Everything intensifies around the holidays, errands to run, baking to do, travel plans to make all creates additional stress. You would THINK that is the stress that I'm talking about. But, NO! I'm talking about WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR TO ALL OF THE HOLIDAY PARTIES? I can't possibly wear the same thing to any of them and I have such a variety of parties to go party, neighborhood party, a charity event, oh, the list goes on.
In addition to NOT know what to wear to all these parties, it's the stress of trying to determine what is the dress code for each of these parties. Fortunately, over the years, I've been able to break down translation of the typical dress codes. Here is what I know:
Formal/Black Tie: Long evening gowns or dressy evening coordinates.
Black Tie Optional: Long evening gowns or gives the option that you could wear a cocktail length gown.
Cocktail: Mid calf (tea) or short length dresses. Flirty and fun designs with ruffles, sequins, and embellishments acceptable.
Business Formal: Cocktail length dresses that are tailored and more conservative. Can still be accented in fun fabrics, jewel tone colors, or embellishments. Just don't go overboard. Stay classic!
Casual: Take your "everyday" wear up a notch when attending a party. Jeans, skirts, and dresses acceptable, but give them a little festive flair (see below).
Festive: Have fun with it! Sequins, embellishments, metallic threads, and bold colors are all acceptable. "Festive" is typically attached to a dress code such as "festive casual" or "festive cocktail".
Typically, most holiday party dress codes will fall between cocktail and festive. So have fun with it! If it's a business/work party, DEFINITELY be cautious and lean more towards tailored and classic cuts! When you see "casual dress", feel free to come in jeans, but add some holiday flair to them like a velvet blazer or sequined cardigan. Come on, it is the holidays! Personally, I always lean towards festive when attending holiday parties. Why not? It's the only time of year that you can get away with looking like a Christmas tree! (Sometimes literally depending on the Christmas sweater of choice...hee..hee!)
There are many options available in stores right now! Find at least one holiday piece to add to your wardrobe this year. I guarantee it will instantly lift your spirits!
So, don't delay, enjoy the holiday cheer in style today!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Weekly Style Secret: Shop Local

With the holidays approaching and the tough economy, now, more than ever are consumers being asked to shop local for their gift buying needs. Any time, really, you should put dollars into your own community. But, at this particular time of year and with the economy as a whole there is a HUGE push to keep consumer spending in your local community.

Here is my "secret" for you though: Be prepared to wait and to wait PATIENTLY! I made a couple of stops yesterday to do some "quick" holiday shopping and it turned out NOT to be quick at all! I'm a huge believer in putting money back into your local market and am a proponent of small business. HOWEVER, due to the economy, retailers have needed to make adjustments of their own like CUTTING BACK ON EMPLOYEES.

I won't name the places that I went to yesterday, because I do understand their predicament. I will say it was a big box retailer and a department store, but, that's all I'm going to tell you. It took me FOREVER to find someone to answer a question. Then, once I found my items, I had to try and find an open register. Once I found that, this is where my "PATIENTLY" waiting began...and I waited...and I waited...and I waited!! My quick trip was no longer!

So, like I said, I understand times are a little tough with the economy and retailers are having to do what is necessary, but, they can't forget to meet the needs of the consumers that ARE spending this holiday season. As well as, we, as consumers, need to remember that retailers are doing their best to stay afloat during this economic shift, so they will be around for holidays to come!

The moral of the story: Shop local and be patient while doing so!!

Happy Holidays!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sparkle and Shine...It's Holiday Time!

Sparkle and Shine...It's Holiday Time!!
I LOVE this time of year! Everything is so festive! Homes sparkle with lights inside and out...tinsel strewn about....smiles of holiday's the perfect time of year!
I, personally, like this time of year, because it gives me an excuse to pull out the sequins! Sequins SCREAMS holiday time and anything sequins is definitely a HOT item this season!
Now, sequins can be overwhelming to many, so make sure you are wearing it appropriately. For example, you don't want to loook like a Christmas tree or an ornament that came right off the tree, so be smart how you WEAR sequins.
Wear only ONE item of sequins at a time. I repeat, only ONE item at a time. Now, that one item could be a dress (like the one above - LOVE IT!) or it could be leggings, shoes, skirt, or a purse. But, do NOT over do! Blow people away with that one statement sequin piece and keep the rest of your outfit more conservative and "quiet".
There are so many sequins pieces to choose from this season at a variety of prices to fit every budget. Don't miss out on this holiday trend! Once you throw on the sequins, you will instantly feel festive and will be ready to celebrate the holidays!
Don't delay...find your sequin statement piece today!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Not Too Late To Be Thankful....

Okay, okay, I know...I was planning to get this to you BEFORE the Thanksgiving holiday, but it's never too late to be thankful. I thought I'd take the holiday that is meant for "giving thanks" and put a fashionable spin on it. It's a "given" that I am VERY THANKFUL for my family, friends and health. That goes without saying! So, why not have some fashion fun on this holiday:

10 Items that I'm thankful for from my closet:
(Of course, in no particular order, because how could you possibly pick one over the other..)

1. The Classic White Shirt: This shirt NEVER goes out of style and withstands the test of time. It is one of the most vesatile items in your closet.

2. Pencil Skirt: LOVE the pencil skirt! This, too, will stand the test of time. It works for business or pleasure and has it's own subtle "playfulness" to it.

3. Dark Wash Denim: It's a MUST HAVE for everyone! Two reasons: One, because the dark wash gives you a slimmimg effect. Two, because it is considered a dressier wash and can be easily worn on "casual Fridays" at the office!

4. Black Pants: Make sure it's a wool or poly blend, as it will last longer and a perfect addition to mix and match within your wardrobe.

5. Leopard: I have leopard print flats that I wear ALL THE TIME. It's a perfect finishing touch to any outfit or could be an item all it's own!

6. Tennis Shoes: These are great for when I do make it to the gym and playing with my hubby, stepson, and doggies outside!

7. Cardigan Sweater: This is my "go to" layering piece. It is perfect for those cooler days, as well as an extra layer while you endure the freezing temps of the air conditioner!

8. Long Necklaces: Layer, layer, layer! The more the merrier! I'm really enjoying this trend and love to put them on with anything and everything!

9. A Statement Timepiece: I LOVE the white ceramic watch that my hubby gave me for our wedding! It has true sentimental value. But, make sure, you have at least one watch in your wardrobe that proves to be professional or casual no matter the situation.

10. High Heels: There is something about putting on a great pair of high heels that you feel like you can go out and conquer the world. I LOVE that feeling!

Ah, and the list could go on!! There is so much to be thankful for, big and small! Hope everyone had a FUN Thanksgiving holiday!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Bring On Black Friday....

Bring on Black Friday....

Are you ready?

I know, by now, you have shopped the ads from the big Thanksgiving paper and have set up your game plan on where to go first, what you're getting, and how to get out of there safely (without being trampled) and head to the next place...all while letting your HUGE turkey dinner digest, as you munch on other snacks and goodies (well, at least that's what I've been doing today!)

While you were hitting Walmart, Target, and the mall, I thought I'd let you know of a few local (Tulsa) stores that are offering some huge savings on Black Friday too:

Chrome Clothing:
20% off your total purchase

Little Black Dress
Spend $100 get 10% off
Spend $250 get 15% off
Spend $400 get 25% off
Friday and Saturday

Moxie Shoes:
25% off an online purchase order of $100 or more
Promo Code: BFF25

Opens at 7:00 a.m. - coffee and donuts
Mek Denim - 50% off
Sweetes - 50% off
Shoes - 30% off
Holiday Dresses - 25% off
First 5 customers with purchases of $100 or more receives a Fluxus top!

The Pavilion - Utica Square
20% off a single regular priced item
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

Gaga - a- GoGo
*Exclusive retailer of T-Towns children's tees
25%-50% off a variety of merchandise

Baby Bump
25% off your purchase

Have fun shopping! Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Hi, Everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I had this great posting for you about what I am "thankful" for in my closet. You know, I had to put a fashion twist on the holiday, aside from the obvious that I am thankful for - like family, friends, and health. Those go without saying that I am VERY THANKFUL and BLESSED.

BUT, of course, I'm running with my head cut off as I finish packing and heading to catch our flight! So, I dont' have time to post my "What I'm Thankful For In My Closet".........

I guess you will just have to stay tuned until next week and I can post it when I get back.

ENJOY Black Friday shopping! It can be CRAZY!!!

Be careful, be safe, and make some great Thanksgiving memories!!!

Talk to you soon.......

Stylish Stepmom

Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday Markdowns: November 23, 2009


What more can I say!

EVERY store and website will be offering HUGE savings this week! Specifically....ON FRIDAY!

BUY a Thanksgiving paper and figure out your game plan for Friday. All this week on News on 6 you can watch Sarah Roe, 918 Coupon Queen, give us all kinds of tips and tricks to get the MOST savings on Friday! How great is that!

I am noticing that some stores are opening ON Thanksgiving this year, as well as some are starting even EARLIER on Friday morning. I thought 5:00 a.m. was crazy, but, I just saw an ad that Old Navy will be opening at 3:00 a.m.!! Yep, 3:00 a.m.! Isn't that the middle of the night!!

So, buckle down this week, write your holiday gift lists, watch Sarah on News on 6, buy a Thanksgiving paper and you will be READY for BLACK FRIDAY!!!

Oh, eat some Turkey in between all of that too, will ya?!?! It is Thanksgiving!!

Mom On The Move....

Check it out! I'm this week's Mom on the Move on! This website ( is an amazing resource for Moms! I can't even begin to tell you how helpful it can be and I'm so glad to be a part of it!!

Take a look at what are my "go to" items in my closet, learn a little bit about me, and DEFINITELY check out!

Have a fun and fashionable day!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Check out Kate918....

Okay, first, I was going to ask Kate, if she would let me take pictures of her store to post on my site. But, typical me, I was so caught up with shopping and visiting with everyone that I left without taking any pictures! OOPS!

However, I did walk out with a bag of goodies....priorities, right?! HA!

If you haven't had a chance to check out this boutique, you need to! It's Kate918 and you will find it at 101st and Yale. Most, if not all, are familiar with Donna's Fashions, which is a great store too. Kate918 is in the same shopping area as Donna's. (You will have to forgive me, I can't remember the name of the shopping center right now. I'm sure I will think of it during the middle of the night!)

Kate, the owner, is very sweet, and so is Melissa, the manager. They are moms, like many ofus, and they totally "get" the concept of "even if you're a mom, you can still be stylish"! Yahoo! (And, even if you're not a mom, don't let that stop you either...go check it out!) My favorite thing about the store is you have access to fun, boutique items WITHOUT the expensive boutique prices! I walk out of that store with something in my hand...EVERY TIME!!!

I attended the Holiday Open House tonight and I had a blast! She did it right! Great food, some wine, and lots of shopping! What more can you ask for! It was a perfect evening to spend with girlfriends.

If you couldn't make it tonight, I'm sure Kate would love to have you stop by another time. You won't regret it! Well, maybe, your pocketbook will, but, you won't!!

So, don't delay...check out Kate918 today!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Holiday Gift Ideas Under $100.00

Okay, my apologies to everyone!

We have had a ton of requests for the information from the Holiday Gift Ideas Under $100.00 from News on 6 today! I'm so sorry that I didn't set this is up ahead of time, so you could have the information at your fingertips after the segment had aired! Live and learn, right?!?!

But, here is a listing of all the product that was part of the segment today. I don't have pictures of all of it and am hoping to post the link to my site very soon!

Women's Gifts Under $100.00
White Fringe Wrap, $70.00, Donna's Fashions
Leopard Print and Red Plaid Scarfs w/ Faux Fur Pom-Poms, $57.00 each, Donna's Fashions
Faux Fur Neck Wrap, $49.00, Donna's Fashions
Leopard Cap, $49.00, Donna's Fashions

Statement Jewelry
Fuchsia Stone/Gold Necklace, $88.00, Little Black Dress
Fuchsia Stone/Gold Earrings, $38.00, Little Black Dress
Long Chain w/ Gold Circles, $25.00, Kate918
Multi-Strand Pearl Necklace (that I had on), $64.00, Donna's Fashions

Totes/Computer Bags
Red Tote, $69.00, Dillards
Black Computer Bag, $24.99, Target

Towel Spa, $79.95, Brookstone

Surefire G2 Flashlight, $69.00, The Gadget Company
Leatherman S2 Flashlight, $79.00, The Gadget Company
Leatherman S3 Flashlight, $89.00, The Gadget Company

The Gadget Company - Tulsa, Ok

BBQ Grill Light, $39.95, Brookstone

Moshi Alarm Clock, $49.95, Brookstone
-voice activated

iPhone Rechargeable Stand, $69.95, Brookstone
-helps alleviate the draining of the battery, especially when using other phone applications.

Kids - Toys
Webkinz, $9.99 each, Target

Zippity Learning Center, $69.99, Target

Digital Camera, $48.89, Target

Transformers - Constructicon, $89.99, Target
-transforms into 6 separate transformers

Wii Resort Video Game, $49.99, Target

Wii Super Mario Brothers Video Game, $49.99, Target
-BRAND NEW - just came out on Sunday

Xbox 360/PS3/PC Call of Duty Video Game, $59.99, Target

I will do better next time everyone and get pictures AND the information to you BEFORE the segment!!

Imitation...or Emitations!

My sister-in-law used this sight for some gifts, recently, and got me thinking that it was time to check out this site again. I had heard about it before, but, it had been awhile since I had checked it out!
It is a GREAT site for expensive LOOKING jewelry WITHOUT the expense! It has some very beautiful pieces at very reasonable prices. The items that my sister-in-law purchased were good quality and very fashionable.
This site has everything - necklaces, earrings, and bracelets! You can shop by category or shape. It even gives you the opportunity to shop by celebrity!
Check it out! They have some very fun pieces that would make perfect holiday gifts!

Monday Markdowns: November 16, 2009

Yahoo! Don't miss out on these great savings opportunities....lots of then are LOCAL savings!

Moxie Shoes/
Grey Friday (instead of Black Friday)
20% off total purchase
Thru Thanksgiving wknd
Promo Code: ELF20

Muse Intimates (Utica Square/Tulsa)
30% off bras and sleepwear
Special in store offers on Hanky Panky underwear
Thru November 26, 2009

Ma Doran Gallery (Tulsa)
View Ann Garrett's jewelry
November 19 - November 21, 2009

Kate918 (Tulsa)
Holiday Open House - THIS THURSDAY!
November 19, 2009
6:30 - 9:00 p.m.
Don't miss out on big savings and holiday wear!

Gaga-A-Gogo (Tulsa)
New Tarantino jewelry! Don't miss out!

Victoria's Secret/
Up to 45% off of sweaters and sweater dresses!
Thru November 18, 2009
Promo Code: COZY25

$10 off a $50 purchase!
Thru November 19, 2009
Plus: If you order between now and Friday at noon, you will receive an additional coupon for $15 off a $30 purchase!
Promo Code:SHARE10

Monday, November 16, 2009

These Are Just A Few Of My Favorite Things...Or Should I Say Favorite Trends...

Here are a few of my favorite trends as we head into the holiday season:

1. Mad for Plaid: Everyone is going mad for plaid! You can find it in jackets, shirts, shoes, and skirts. Whether it's for business or pleasure, PLAID IS EVERYWHERE!
2. Bohemian Chic: Woodstock turned 40 this year and if you are still celebrating than chances are bohemian chic! The soft and billowy fabrics are more your style. The natural fabrics of suede and leather will be the basis of your shoes and jackets. But, most of all, you're just hoping for world peace!
3. Rock Star: This trend is bringing the 80's back to life...skinny ties, leather jackets, and hair bands. I grew up in the 80's, so now you approximately know my age! I LOVED the 80's and still do! Okay, I loved the 80's music more than the 80's fashion styles, but, I'm loving the updated 80's version of today.
4. Animal Instincts: I LOVE animal prints and the best part is...they never really go out of style. Leopard, zebra, and giraffe prints always find the spotlight!
Don't delay...what trend are you in love with today!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Monday Markdowns: (On Thursday) November 12, 2009

Okay...the last few weeks, I haven't been very good at getting this information out ON a Monday. BUT, it really doesn't matter what day it long as I get the information to you about some savings opportunities that are happening RIGHT NOW:

Friends and Family Events going on THIS WEEKEND (November 12 - 15th) at the following stores:
Banana Republic
Old Navy
White House/Black Market
Restoration Hardware

Victoria's Secret
20% off a single item! Ends Monday, November 16, 2009
Promo Code: SAVE20

Boston Proper
Register to win a $1000 holiday wardrobe.

Weekend Wrap Up
$30 off a $75 purchase or $15 off a $30 purchase
Online promo code: 4517
November 12 - 16

Moxie Shoes
Grey Friday (instead of Black Friday) Savings!
20% off your total purchase through Thanksgiving weekend.
Promo Code: ELF20

Modern Moms

Check out FOX23's Thursday Threads segment from today! It was an awesome segment to prove that busy moms can also be stylish!

Take a look! It was a lot of fun!

Outfits from the Segment:

Black/White Tunic: $98.00
Black Leggings: $35.00
Total: $133.00
Outfit by White House Black Market

Green Cardigan Sweater: $39.95
Green Pin Striped Button Down Shirt: $36.95
Charcoal Grey T-shirt: $9.97
Jeans: $39.95
Total: $126.82
Outfit by New York and Company

Dusty Plum Sweater Knit Hoodie: $24.99
Dusty Plum Sweater Knit Pants: $20.00
Multi-Color T-shirt: $11.88
Dusty Plum/Gold Scarf: $14.99
Bronze Ballet Flats: $12.99
Total: $84.85
Outfit by Target

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sparkle and Shine....


I cannot tell you how in LOVE I am with this shoe. WHY? First, because it is a Christian Louboutin. Second, because sequins are VERY IN for this holiday season, and, third, because I LOVE SHOES.

Actually, I'm not the only one loving this shoe. If you watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kim sports this shoe at Sheree's fashion show (Yes, it's true..I'm a fan of the song "Tardy for the Party"..okay, I said it!) AND Carrie in Sex and the City 2 is wearing a much higher version of Christian's sequin heel (the Pigalle pump). Now, I don't think I have to say this twice. If CARRIE is wearing a shoe like this, EVERYONE will be wearing a shoe like this(or at least a version of it!)

This particular Christian Louboutin shoe retails for $595.00 at Barney's. Yep, for those of you that know Christian's line and are in LOVE with the red sole are not surprised by this price! However, I will be the first one to admit that a shoe at this price doesn't fit in my shoe budget (although, I REALLY WISH it would), but, a girl can dream and lust over it, right?
Another tip: Oprah wears A LOT of Christian Louboutin. How do I know this? The red sole is the giveaway! Oprah always sits in her chair and tips her foot UP, so you can see the sole of her shoe! It's actually kind of annoying, but it does make it easy to see what kind of shoes she is wearing!
Christian Louboutin is the "NEW" Manolo Blahniks. Dont' get me wrong..I LOVE Manolos! But, Manolo is going to have to make room for Christian.
Ah, I'm going to dream about Chrisitan Louboutin shoes tonight.........

Vintage T's...A Blast From The Past...

As we all know, the holidays are right around the corner. What is it? It's only like 7 weeks until Christmas (or somethingl like that)? I am all about finding fun and creative gifts that really SURPRISES the recipient. I LOVE the holidays for the GIVING, sure, receiving is fun, but, I really love the quest for THE gift!

While watching football this Saturday afternoon, I came across these vintage tshirts while perusing one of my MANY fashion mags. It was Casper the Friendly Ghost, that REALLY caught my eye! Do you remember Casper? I was just trying to explain to my stepson around Halloween on who Casper was, because we were talking about ghosts and I said that I only like FRIENDLY ghosts. I used to LOVE watching Casper the Friendly Ghost. (Does that date me?)

For those of you that are HUGE Rachel Zoe fans, you will love the "This shirt is bananas" tshirt. Bananas is a VERY COMMON word in Rachel's vocabulary! I was "totally bananas" for this tshirt! Of course, I think the shopping tshirt is appropriate for me too!

The tshirts can be found at No one can forget Rocky and you will, also, find Inspector Gadget, and Crime Dog with a vintage/retro feel, as well as many others on their website too. The tshirts are very reasonably priced at $30.00, so they won't break your holiday budget either!

I LOVE finding THE perfect gift for someone! Whether it be fun, cheap, expensive, or even is so much fun to search out a gift that someone will TRULY APPRECIATE and/or get a good laugh from it!

It's time to at LEAST start THINKING about your holiday shopping! If you need help, let me know! Would love to share any tricks, tips, and/or advice to make your holiday shopping a less stressful experience for you!

Okay...who else remembers Casper the Friendly Ghost?

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Monday Markdowns: (On Wednesday)November 4, 2009

Alright, so, my Monday this week is, actually, falling on a Wednesday. No one is perfect, right? My October has been nothing but pure craziness!! Just got back from NYC on Monday night and have been playing "catch up" ever since:

Here are a few "deals" that I DID NOT want you to miss:

Kate918 (local - Tulsa, OK)
All jewelry, scarves, and candles: Buy one, get one at 50% off
Christmas wish list - participate in their Christmas wish list program and save 20% off your purchase!

Gaga -a-GoGo (local - Tulsa, OK)
"ABC's in Tulsa" Book Signing
November 5, 2009
5:00 - 7:00 p.m.

2009 Care Card (local - Tulsa, OK)
Oct. 31 - Nov. 8, 2009
DON'T MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY FOR SOME GREAT SAVINGS and support a great cause: Family and Children's Services!
$50 for a Care Card that saves you 10-20% at more than 180 Tuls metro area shops and restaurants.

Neiman Marcus
LAST DAY to obtain various levels of Neiman Marcus Gift Cards based on a minimum of $250 in purchases!
Free online shipping! Promo Code: NMNOV

Extra 30% off clearance merchandise.
Online only!
Thru Nov. 9, 2009
Promo Code: CLR30

Friends and Family discount! Starts THIS Friday!
In store and online! Save 20%!
Promo Code: 4291 (go to for coupon)

Boston Proper
Win a $1000 Holiday Wardrobe! Go to for details!

Free shipping on orders of $25 or more!
Promo Code: 37202
20% off (select) items!
Promo Code: 27249

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I See Red....

I see RED...lots and lots of RED! It is amazing to see a group of women come together for a great cause! I was part of an amazing committee that hosted the Go Red For Women Executive Luncheon today, here, in Tulsa, OK.

The statistics I heard today were EYE OPENING! For example...this is a big one: Did you know that heart disease is the leading cause of death for women? Not just by a little bit is 4 TIMES MORE the leading cause of death in women vs. cancer. Most of you thought cancer, didn't you?

There are a lot of GREAT causes out there to volunteer for and support in this world. I'm particularly passionate about the Go Red For Women campaign, because of family history, as well as a I was with a dear friend of mine when she had a heart attack. That alone was an EYE OPENING experience for me and I didn't need any statistics (from above) to convince me.

Here is my shameless plug: GET INVOLVED!! I can bet that everyone can name at least ONE person that has had a heart attack, stroke, or suffers from heart OR woman. Do you want to be a statistic? Or do you want one of your family members to be a statistic? We need to educate ourselves and others!


Besides, where else do you get to see a room filled with WOMEN looking fabulous in RED!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Halloween Year Round.....

Most holidays come and go, but at our house, Halloween seems to be THE holiday for the year! Do you notice the easter egg coloring AND the Christmas tree? These are actual photos taken at of my stepson in his wide array of costumes. They are the ACTUAL pictures NOT "doctored". He LOVES wearing costumes! Doesn't matter what he is doing, who is over, what time of year it is, he is wearing a costume ALL THE TIME!
This is just a "sampling" of what he throws on to parade around the house. Let's not forget about Indiana Jones, Superman, and Black Batman that is often stopping by the kitchen for a snack or watching a movie with us.
It's HYSTERICAL and I LOVE HIM for it! What's not to love about a little transformer or super hero snuggling up by you on the couch or helping you make dinner!
Since Halloween is right around the corner....thought I would share a little personal note about our home and how the HALLOWEEN holiday seems to go on and on and on...around here!
Happy Halloween, Everyone! Be safe and have fun!

It's Halloween! Who will you be?

Halloween is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER! What happened to October? The final days of picking THE PERFECT Halloween costume is upon us! Are you stressing out? Are you feeling the pressure?

In a meeting I was at today, we were talking about Halloween. One of the gals mentioned how she was "stressin out" trying to figure out what she was going to wear for her THREE Halloween parties that she had for Saturday night. After the meeting, I made the mistake of stopping at a Party America store to pick up some items for the event we are/were planning and it was PURE CHAOS in the store. So, if you are feeling the Halloween "heat" of trying to decide which costume to wear, you are NOT the only one! Believe me, if you had been at this particular Party America store, you would understand what I am saying to you!!! (IT WAS NUTS!)

Here are my "two cents" on the Halloween holiday:

1. It's totally a kid holiday! Whether you have kids or if you are a "kid at heart", this is the holiday to be silly and crazy!

2. Search inside for your "alter ego" and let it shine through on Halloween. Pick a costume that is totally out of your comfort zone and have fun with it!

3. Most popular costumes for 2009. Adult: Michael Jackson, Kate Gosslein, Farrah Fawcett, The Joker (Heath Ledger Version), Mario Brothers, Vampires (think Twilight). Child: Mario Brothers, Transformers, Princesses, and Super Heroes.

4. I LOVE homemade costumes MUCH MORE than the store bought kind. (No offense to the retailers out there.). It's a GREAT opportunity to show your creativity, as well as save some money! It's a chance to come up with costumes that puzzle people and it becomes a game for people to try and figure out WHO YOU ARE! Some of the best costumes I have ever seen have been HOMEMADE!
5. Most Important: Have fun! Have fun! Have fun!

Halloween for me is not so much about dressing up. I know, right? Me? Not like dressing up? Clothes? Costumes? Whatever? That seems crazy to say "out loud". Dressing up is not my favorite part of the Halloween holiday. My favorite part is seeing the kids in their fun costumes, handing out candy, and trying to figure out costumes that adults are wearing at parties. It's exciting to see kids/people "leave their reality" for a small amount of time and enter a fantasy world either spooky or whimsical!

What are some of your favorite Halloween memories or Halloween costumes? I would LOVE for you to share.....

Don't delay....get your Halloween costume today!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday Markdowns: October 26, 2009

Whew...just made it before the clock strikes twelve and it turns to Tuesday....not too many to "report".....

Earn extra reward points through November 1st, 2009 - in stores and online!

Express (
Buy one, get one at 50% off on all graphic tees for him and her!
Buy one, get one at 50% off on all jeans for him and her!

Save $100 on a $300 purchase
Promo Code: giftcheck09

Ulta (
FIRST TIME EVER! Get a 4-piece Bare Minerals gift set with a $44 purchase of Bare Minerals product.

Francesca's Collection (
Buy ONE clearance apparel item at the marked price and receive an additional 50% off all other clearance apparel items.
Now thru November 8, 2009.

Victoria's Secret (
Find your favorite college hoodie or tee online!

Pavilion on the Square (Utica Square, Tulsa, OK)
It's no trick to treat yourself...take advantage of their Halloween savings: Receive 25% off any one fall item in the store!

Margo's Gift Shop (Utica Square, Tulsa, OK)
Jon Hart Trunk Show - personalized, hand crafted products
Tuesday, October 27, 2009
11:00 - 4:00 p.m.

If I find out about other great deals, I will be sure to post them for you! Have a GREAT day!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday Markdowns: October 19, 2009

This week's "must hit" list:

BCBG and Vogue UNITE for a 20th Anniversary event!
Thursday, October 22nd! Check it out in stores and online!

Victoria's Secret
FREE SHIPPING with sleepwear purchase! They have some REALLY CUTE sleepwear!
Expires October 21, 2009

Share the shoe you love!
$10 off any $49 purchase.
Online only thru October 26, 2009.
Promo code: SHARELUV

Luxe stretch tops: Buy 1, get one at 50% off.
1MX shirts: Buy 1, get one at 50% off.

Francesca's Collection
FREE SHIPPING on purchases of $100 or more online!

Gaga-a-Gogo (Tulsa)
Halloween Party - Jupiter Jump and Candy!
Halloween costume contest too!

Gap/Old Navy/Banan Republic
Don't miss this - LAST DAY is October 20, 2009
Online Only
15% off $75 purchase
20% off $100 purchase
25% off $125 purchase
Promo Code: SAVE123

Weekly Style Secret: A Good Tailor

I found this adorable pair of jeans last week, but ran into the same problem as I ALWAYS do when it comes to pants. That darn ol' gap that I get in the back of the wasitline right about my behind! Why do all of my pants do that?

I was talking to the sales associate. We started talking about having this problem with our pants (she has the same problem) and how, if you have a really good tailor, they can alter them to perfection.

It reminded me that another great style secret is: HAVING A GOOD TAILOR.

At some point in your life, everyone has needed an article of clothing altered. If anything, for women, it's been at least ONE bridesmaid dress or even your own bridal gown! Some of us hardly ever need a tailor, others of us, need a tailor ALL THE TIME! It is very important to work with an experienced tailor. A good tailor will make the alterations and, when finished, the article of clothing looks like it was purchased that way (or, maybe, even BETTER than when it was purchased).

Here are some tips for finding a good tailor:
1. As I have always said "word of mouth" is the best advertising. Listen to friends, family, and colleagues to find out who they use as a tailor.
2. Visit the web. Check out association sites or even classified sites that offer "product/service reviews".
3. Set up a consultation, if possible, to meet the tailor.
4. Make sure the person that is doing the fitting of the garment is also making the alterations.

Once you've found a good tailor, is it worth making the alterations:
1. Is the clothing item WORTH being altered? Determine how much you spent on it, how much you will be spending on the alterations, and is the total value equal to YOUR value of the clothing item.
2. Launder or dry clean the item first. Sometimes, after a washing, articles of clothing will shrink, fabric will shift, and this will insure that the clothing item is in it's truest form when being altered.
3. Get an estimate of what the alteration will cost and, again, determine if it is worth it to have the article of clothing altered.

I can't stress enough how important it is for your clothes TO FIT! FIT PROPERLY! A shirt from Target can look like a million bucks, if it fits properly. A shirt from Bloomingdale's can look horrible, if it DOES NOT fit properly.

A good tailor will make you look like a million bucks ALL THE TIME!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Our "SPIDEY" turns 5 TODAY!

Our "spidey" turns 5 today! Wow!
Where does the time go?
I'm definitely wondering that as I look at the date of my last posted blog. YOU are probably wondering where I AM?
Time has flown by this last week as we have "enjoyed" movies, school, the fair, pumpkin patches, church, and the list goes on. Specifically, the planning of a fun evening for our "SPIDEY" has been on the forefront the last few days. It's amazing how something "small and fun" can become so time consuming...YET, so WORTH IT!!! My hubby has been saying..."remember, SMALL and fun". Hmmm....does that mean I shouldn't have stayed up 'til after midnight baking cookies and getting up way before dawn to frost them???
I have only been in his life for a few years, but I have cherished those few years SO MUCH! He has grown ALOT and has become quite the little boy these days!
So, today is dedicated to our "spidey"...and look at him...doesn't he look handsome as spiderman!
Stay tuned! I WILL BE BACK with lots of fun, fashion tips and tricks!
Happy Birthday, Nichols Pickles!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

PAY LESS for Designer!

Take a look at these shoes! What words come to mind? Rock and Roll? Bohemian? Trendy? EXPENSIVE?
Well, believe it or not, these can be found at Payless Shoe Source. Yep, you heard me! Here is, yet, another example of high end designers opening their doors to the middle market! Due to the economy, high end/couture designers are creating lines suitable for middle market price tags.
I'm excited!! Because for, you, fashionistas out there that are living on a shoestring budget, this gives you the opportunity to follow trends without paying the "trendy" prices! How fun is that?
Alice & Olivia is the brand that I'm highlighting above from Payless Shoe Source. It is a casual, edgey brand that I LOVE and these shoes/boots are at a terrifc price point of $50.00! Yep, you heard me! Only $50.00! But, this is not the only designer brand that is being offered. You will find Lela Rose and Christian Siriano too!
Fun, fun, fun!! I LOVE shoes!
So, don't delay....check out Payless Shoe Source today!
Oh, and just so you know, it happens to be the BOGO sale right now!
Buy one, get one for 50% off!
GO NOW before they sell out!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Wear Pink!

It's October!!! It's time to pull out all your pink items and support Breast Cancer Awareness Month!
This is the time of year where stores are flooded with merchandise to support the cause. The items posted above are just a small, very small, snippet of the merchandise that is available these days to show your support.

Don't your support today!

Tshirt: Saks Fifth Avenue Key to the Cure Tee $40.00

Tennis shoes: Zappos Reebok $67.00

Watch: White House Black Market $58.00

Scarf: (unavailable at this time)


Target takes another turn at New York fashion AND jewelry.

Two New York designers have partnered with Target to create high fashion lines with an affordable price tag.

Anna Sheffield
Edgy statement necklaces, bracelets, and rings created wtih charms and lockets that provide a unique twist.

Anna Sui
Okay, anyone who is obsessed with fashion will recognize this name. Anna Sui has been around for awhile. Her line is filled with feminine rocker chic pieces with a New York City vibe.

Both lines debuted in September and, at this point, they are limited-edition lines. Take a look in store and online now!

More Military...

More military jackets:
Black Jacket: Banana Republic $180.00
Grey Jacket: $160.00
Red Jacket: Old Navy $69.50