Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Other Items I Couldn't Resist...

As I was shopping for items to use in my Channel 6/News on 6 segment, I was finding so many wonderful things, that I just couldn't decide what to use! Who knows, I may change my mind by the the time we do the segment tomorrow! But, either way, I had to share these pieces with you.
First, tribal print is ultra popular this season. The picture above is actually a one-shoulder top, which you will find just as frequently as the tribal print this season. I know, the picture does not do the top justice at all, but, wanted to highlight it! It is super adorable when you try it on! The black bead necklace is super cute with it too!
The pastels are coming on strong this spring in a variety of styles and sihouettes. This purple shirt with tone-on-tone floral embroidery is pure innocence! Lucite jewelry is hotter than ever this season and with it's clear tone can be worn with a variety of items.
Espadrilles are a must-have when it comes to the spring and summer months. It's a perfect shoe to make something a little more dressy, but, still be comfortable too. This hot pink color is to die for!! Beautiful color to compliment navy, khaki, and browns.
Seriously - there are so many amazing items out there for spring right now and so many great boutiques in the Tulsa area - I was having a horrible time trying to narrow down my selection. Too much fun stuff!
Purple Shirt - $60.00 - Little Black Dress/Cherry Street
Lucite Bead Necklace - $45.00 - Little Black Dress/Cherry Street
Hot Pink Espadrilles - $175.00 - Moxie Shoes - moxieshoestulsa.com/Flirt (Utica Square)
Tribal Print One Shoulder Top - $48.00 - Chrome/Cherry Street
Black Bead Necklace - $45.00 - Little Black Dress/Cherry Street

"Spring" into fashion....Channel 6 Segment

Check out these FUN fashions that will take you through spring and right into summer! Shown on Channel 6/News on 6, here, in Tulsa, OK. All items from fabulous local boutiques in the area! Thank you to my awesome models, Nicole and Emily, for making the clothes look fantastic!

Emily Outfit - Chrome - Cherry Street
Taupe Ruffle Short Romper $54.00
Chunky Turquoise/Brown Necklace/Earrings $36.00
Brown Cuff w/Gold Accents $38.00
Brown/Gold Ring $28.00

Nicole Outfit - Bella Dames- 61st/Lewis
Turquoise Floral Embellished Dress $99.00
Coral/Turquoise Multi-Strand Necklace $22.00
Coral/Turquoise Earrings $15.00
Coral Bracelet $12.00

Spring Fashion Accessories

Little Black Dress - Cherry Street
Lucite Bauble Necklace $45.00
Black Bead Necklace $45.00
Dolly & Angel Pink Purse $85.00
Pastel Butterfly Scarves $30.00 Each
Yellow and Pink Tank Tops $25.00 Each
Chrome - Cherry Street
Twisted Buckle $120.00
Button Ring Circa 1950 $124.00
Moxie Shoes - www.moxieshoestulsa.com or Flirt/Utica Square
BCBG Zipper Rosette Heels $275.00

Monday, May 10, 2010

Priceless Gifts!

Nothing means more to me than gifts from the heart! They are the best gifts that money can buy! It's the type of gift that may cost $5 or $500 or, maybe, no cost at all. It's the heartfelt sentiment that makes them priceless!
I am reminded of this as we just celebrated Mother's Day yesterday, as well as my birthday a month ago. The gifts you see in the pics were given to me by my absolutely adorable stepson, Nicholas! (You only see a side view of him, but, I KNOW, you will agree with me when I say...ADORABLE!)
The cherry coin purse was my Mother's Day gift and my blue dress, with blue bracelet, and knot necklace were for my birthday. The cherry coin purse is, obviously, something I probably wouldn't have purchased for myself...but, the fact that it came from Nicholas, that he picked it out all by himself, and was so proud to give it to me, that now, I can't wait to use it! It will be THE perfect coin purse for me to use...for just $4.99! But, priceless, when every time I see it, as I dig through my purse, I will be reminded of who gave it to me and when.
The blue dress, blue bracelet and knot necklace were my birthday presents. He was so excited to go to the store with Dad and pick something out all by himself. And, he did! He picked the blue dress, because blue is his favorite color, the bracelet, because it's blue, and the knot necklace, because it reminded him of a snake. Did I mention that he LOVES being outside with bugs and animals? He is ALL boy! Again, all 3 items, I think was a total of $30-$40. But, priceless, when it comes to who gave it to me and when.
Nicholas was so excited about his purchases that he was telling everyone that came over about what he bought me, wanted me to show it to them, try it on, etc. He was so cute! THAT, again, makes all of these gifts PRICELESS! It puts a smile on my face whenever I look at these items! I'm reminded of his smiling face, gleaming with pride when he gave each of these gifts to me. Nothing could make me happier than gifts from the heart! Gifts that I will cherish ALWAYS!

He is waiting patiently for the weather to warm up, so I can wear my blue dress and blue bracelet. He asks me on a regular basis if I'm going to wear the blue dress...so, let's hope the warm weather is here to stay...soon!
My hubby thinks I'm rubbing off on him and that I've taken Nicholas with me on too many shopping trips. He was amazed at how Nicholas would pick things out and say that he liked that, didn't like that, liked this dress, didn't like that dress, etc., etc. - and the thought he would put into the items that he picked! I'm thinking he's a natural at shopping....that's a GREAT trait...my hubby...he isn't so sure!
But, my hubby and I are in agreement when it comes to gifts from the heart! It doesn't matter what the actual item is...it's the meaning behind it that makes it worth so much more...it's priceless!
What "priceless" gifts did you receive this Mother's Day?