Tuesday, May 11, 2010

"Spring" into fashion....Channel 6 Segment

Check out these FUN fashions that will take you through spring and right into summer! Shown on Channel 6/News on 6, here, in Tulsa, OK. All items from fabulous local boutiques in the area! Thank you to my awesome models, Nicole and Emily, for making the clothes look fantastic!

Emily Outfit - Chrome - Cherry Street
Taupe Ruffle Short Romper $54.00
Chunky Turquoise/Brown Necklace/Earrings $36.00
Brown Cuff w/Gold Accents $38.00
Brown/Gold Ring $28.00

Nicole Outfit - Bella Dames- 61st/Lewis
Turquoise Floral Embellished Dress $99.00
Coral/Turquoise Multi-Strand Necklace $22.00
Coral/Turquoise Earrings $15.00
Coral Bracelet $12.00

Spring Fashion Accessories

Little Black Dress - Cherry Street
Lucite Bauble Necklace $45.00
Black Bead Necklace $45.00
Dolly & Angel Pink Purse $85.00
Pastel Butterfly Scarves $30.00 Each
Yellow and Pink Tank Tops $25.00 Each
Chrome - Cherry Street
Twisted Buckle $120.00
Button Ring Circa 1950 $124.00
Moxie Shoes - www.moxieshoestulsa.com or Flirt/Utica Square
BCBG Zipper Rosette Heels $275.00

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