Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Football CAN Be Fashionable!

" TOUCHDOWN!" " Did you see that play?" "What just happened?" "Aw, Ref, that was a bad call?" Are you beginning to hear these words and phrases echoing from the halls of your home? Better yet, are YOU saying these things as you settle in for another football season. If I have learned ONE thing from moving to Oklahoma, it's that you better LOVE football season. Fortunately, I DO! It is, truly, IN their blood in this state. I mean, REALLY, in their blood! You better know whether you bleed crimson (OU), blue (TU) or orange (OSU). If you're a "transplant", like me, it doesn't matter WHO you cheered for prior to moving to the area. NOW, you better bleed CRIMSON, BLUE or ORANGE! There are NO OTHER CHOICES! College football is HUGE! Forget about the professionals in this state, it's all about the college ball!

But, here is the deal....why not LOOK GOOD while cheering for your favorite team! The pics above are some fabulous football T's that are being offered at a local store, here, in Tulsa, called Chrome Clothing Company. You will find them on Cherry Street! These particular T's will help those that have Crimson (OU) or Orange (OSU) running through your veins.
You can look "sporty" while attending your favorite sporting event...FOOTBALL!

I have noticed that Tshirt companies for sports teams, college and/or professional, are leaning towards the "old school", vintage look. The type of T's that look "worn" and could have been passed down from generation to generation. I love the soft, cozy feeling that a vintage T gives when you're wearing it. It's similar to your favorite baby blanket or stuffed animal that has been around FOREVER and you are NEVER going to part with it. You find comfort in it!

I, also, like the "retro" vibe that a "vintage" T gives off. You're trendy AND loyal to your school at the SAME TIME. What more could you ask for? Because around here, people are VERY LOYAL to the team they support. You will find their "alliance" in EVERYTHING....flags, bumper stickers, coolers, shower curtains, and even dishes! So, why not LOOK good while showing YOUR LOYALTY!

STAY STYLISH while cheering on your favorite team!

So, don't delay...check out your favorite sports team T's today!

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