Monday, September 14, 2009

Fashion Meets Cars..Perfect for Hubby and Me!

Over the weekend, we received a circular in the mail from Mercedes-Benz. Okay, for our house, that is NOT a suprise. If you knew my hubby, you would understand why this is NO SURPRISE. He LOVES cars...anything and everything about cars. Of course, he has his particular favorites, but he pretty much enjoys ALL things cars! So, it's not a surprise when we receive something in the mail directed to him that is regarding the subject: Cars! Are you getting a clear picture to how much my husband LOVES cars?!?!

HOWEVER, this particular circular was VERY INTERESTING to me! Mercedes - Benz is a title sponsor of Fashion Week. So, they designed a circular that would appeal to MEN and WOMEN when they received it in the mail. It was just as enticing to me as it was to my husband. It was hysterical, because he actually handed it to me, first, thinking it was mine!

Within the circular, they listed FOUR irrefutable RULES of FASHION. They withstand the test of time and are tried and true rules. Here they are for everyone to remember (whether you are shopping for a Mercedes or not...ha!):

1. QUALITY trumps quantity.

Use your money wisely and buy quality pieces. Don't buy 3 to get the 4th free, just because it's a good deal. Buy pieces that are well made and will last.

2. TIMELESS beats trendy.

Classic pieces will stand the test of time. Trendy pieces are in and out after a season...sometimes even before a season ends. Fill your closet with classic pieces and a few trendy items.

3. It's all in the DETAILS.

Pay attention to the details of clothing. The buttons, hems, and zippers can really ENHANCE a garment's finished look. Pay attention to those and make sure they are quality items too!

4. THE ACCESSORIES make the look.

Complete your look with the proper accessories. Accessories can make or break an outfit! So, be smart about what you use to compliment your look.

Mercedes-Benz hit the nail on the head with these rule reminders. They are very helpful in the fashion world and who knew they would help in buying a car too!

I guess my hubby and I have similar "fascinations" after all.......

Remember....just like the circular said....LIVE FASHIONABLY!

Visit the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week website at:

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