Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Our "SPIDEY" turns 5 TODAY!

Our "spidey" turns 5 today! Wow!
Where does the time go?
I'm definitely wondering that as I look at the date of my last posted blog. YOU are probably wondering where I AM?
Time has flown by this last week as we have "enjoyed" movies, school, the fair, pumpkin patches, church, and the list goes on. Specifically, the planning of a fun evening for our "SPIDEY" has been on the forefront the last few days. It's amazing how something "small and fun" can become so time consuming...YET, so WORTH IT!!! My hubby has been saying..."remember, SMALL and fun". Hmmm....does that mean I shouldn't have stayed up 'til after midnight baking cookies and getting up way before dawn to frost them???
I have only been in his life for a few years, but I have cherished those few years SO MUCH! He has grown ALOT and has become quite the little boy these days!
So, today is dedicated to our "spidey"...and look at him...doesn't he look handsome as spiderman!
Stay tuned! I WILL BE BACK with lots of fun, fashion tips and tricks!
Happy Birthday, Nichols Pickles!

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