Monday, October 19, 2009

Weekly Style Secret: A Good Tailor

I found this adorable pair of jeans last week, but ran into the same problem as I ALWAYS do when it comes to pants. That darn ol' gap that I get in the back of the wasitline right about my behind! Why do all of my pants do that?

I was talking to the sales associate. We started talking about having this problem with our pants (she has the same problem) and how, if you have a really good tailor, they can alter them to perfection.

It reminded me that another great style secret is: HAVING A GOOD TAILOR.

At some point in your life, everyone has needed an article of clothing altered. If anything, for women, it's been at least ONE bridesmaid dress or even your own bridal gown! Some of us hardly ever need a tailor, others of us, need a tailor ALL THE TIME! It is very important to work with an experienced tailor. A good tailor will make the alterations and, when finished, the article of clothing looks like it was purchased that way (or, maybe, even BETTER than when it was purchased).

Here are some tips for finding a good tailor:
1. As I have always said "word of mouth" is the best advertising. Listen to friends, family, and colleagues to find out who they use as a tailor.
2. Visit the web. Check out association sites or even classified sites that offer "product/service reviews".
3. Set up a consultation, if possible, to meet the tailor.
4. Make sure the person that is doing the fitting of the garment is also making the alterations.

Once you've found a good tailor, is it worth making the alterations:
1. Is the clothing item WORTH being altered? Determine how much you spent on it, how much you will be spending on the alterations, and is the total value equal to YOUR value of the clothing item.
2. Launder or dry clean the item first. Sometimes, after a washing, articles of clothing will shrink, fabric will shift, and this will insure that the clothing item is in it's truest form when being altered.
3. Get an estimate of what the alteration will cost and, again, determine if it is worth it to have the article of clothing altered.

I can't stress enough how important it is for your clothes TO FIT! FIT PROPERLY! A shirt from Target can look like a million bucks, if it fits properly. A shirt from Bloomingdale's can look horrible, if it DOES NOT fit properly.

A good tailor will make you look like a million bucks ALL THE TIME!

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