Thursday, October 1, 2009

Stepparent Day! Sunday, October 4th, 2009

Well, it's not a surprise that in this day and age, we have reached a time where there is a Stepparent Day! Blended families have become "the norm" in this day and age. It's appropriate these days to acknowledge their existence too.

I have two perspectives on this subject. The majority of me is VERY GLAD that stepparents and blended families are as "accepted" as they are these days, because it has become the "norm". In addition, I AM a STEPmom and am VERY BLESSED to have been given that responsibility! My stepson has given me a whole new perspective on life and what is important! I wouldn't change anything in my life. It is an amazing opportunity to be part of his life and world.
But, a small part of me still wonders what happened in this world that DIVORCE has become such a "norm" too. When I was growing up, NONE of my friend's parents were divorced. Now, I talk to my nieces/nephews and find it's very common that their friends come from blended families. It is just very interesting to me to step back and see how times have changed!

ANYWAY, my point is this: to let people know that there is a day to acknowledge and celebrate STEPPARENTS! On October 4th, just take some time to celebrate the stepparents that you may know in your life! Parenthood, in general, is not an easy task, and STEPparenthood just takes that task to a whole different level.

So, on Sunday, October 4th (or ANY day for that matter) take a moment to say "thank you" to the stepparents in your life, as well as your parents! They are all here for the same cause!

Happy Stepparent's Day to all of the stepparent's/blended families in the world today!

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