Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Halloween Year Round.....

Most holidays come and go, but at our house, Halloween seems to be THE holiday for the year! Do you notice the easter egg coloring AND the Christmas tree? These are actual photos taken at of my stepson in his wide array of costumes. They are the ACTUAL pictures NOT "doctored". He LOVES wearing costumes! Doesn't matter what he is doing, who is over, what time of year it is, he is wearing a costume ALL THE TIME!
This is just a "sampling" of what he throws on to parade around the house. Let's not forget about Indiana Jones, Superman, and Black Batman that is often stopping by the kitchen for a snack or watching a movie with us.
It's HYSTERICAL and I LOVE HIM for it! What's not to love about a little transformer or super hero snuggling up by you on the couch or helping you make dinner!
Since Halloween is right around the corner....thought I would share a little personal note about our home and how the HALLOWEEN holiday seems to go on and on and on...around here!
Happy Halloween, Everyone! Be safe and have fun!

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