Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Holiday Fashions on Channel 6 (News on 6) - Tulsa, OK

I was able to spread the holiday fashion "cheer" with everyone today on News on 6 with Latoya Silmon. It was fun, as ,working with her and the crew from Channel 6. If you saw the segment today, here is the information you are needing for the outfits that we showed on air. If you didn't get a chance to see it, I will try and get a clip from the station to post.

Work Party
Modeled by: Heidi (me)
Black Satin Topper Coat w/Rosettes
Black Floral Damask Slim Pant
Red Floral Bustier
Fabric Belt
Outfit provided by: White House Black Market

Cocktail Party
Modeled by: Olivia
Hot Pink One Shoulder Short Dress
Silver/Rhinestone Earrings
Outfit provided by: Little Black Dress

Casual Party (Festive)
Modeled by: Deedra
Purple Dress w/Jeweled Collar
Black Cardigan
Outfit provided by: Ann Taylor Loft (dress) and Banana Republic (cardigan)

It was a great time! I'm sure I talked 100 miles an hour like I usually do (I haven't watched it)!! But, I hope I helped and gave you some examples to help you sort through your wardrobe when trying to decide what to wear to your various holiday parties this season!

Happy Holidays!

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