Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Weekly Style Secret: Shop Local

With the holidays approaching and the tough economy, now, more than ever are consumers being asked to shop local for their gift buying needs. Any time, really, you should put dollars into your own community. But, at this particular time of year and with the economy as a whole there is a HUGE push to keep consumer spending in your local community.

Here is my "secret" for you though: Be prepared to wait and to wait PATIENTLY! I made a couple of stops yesterday to do some "quick" holiday shopping and it turned out NOT to be quick at all! I'm a huge believer in putting money back into your local market and am a proponent of small business. HOWEVER, due to the economy, retailers have needed to make adjustments of their own like CUTTING BACK ON EMPLOYEES.

I won't name the places that I went to yesterday, because I do understand their predicament. I will say it was a big box retailer and a department store, but, that's all I'm going to tell you. It took me FOREVER to find someone to answer a question. Then, once I found my items, I had to try and find an open register. Once I found that, this is where my "PATIENTLY" waiting began...and I waited...and I waited...and I waited!! My quick trip was no longer!

So, like I said, I understand times are a little tough with the economy and retailers are having to do what is necessary, but, they can't forget to meet the needs of the consumers that ARE spending this holiday season. As well as, we, as consumers, need to remember that retailers are doing their best to stay afloat during this economic shift, so they will be around for holidays to come!

The moral of the story: Shop local and be patient while doing so!!

Happy Holidays!

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