Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Not Too Late To Be Thankful....

Okay, okay, I know...I was planning to get this to you BEFORE the Thanksgiving holiday, but it's never too late to be thankful. I thought I'd take the holiday that is meant for "giving thanks" and put a fashionable spin on it. It's a "given" that I am VERY THANKFUL for my family, friends and health. That goes without saying! So, why not have some fashion fun on this holiday:

10 Items that I'm thankful for from my closet:
(Of course, in no particular order, because how could you possibly pick one over the other..)

1. The Classic White Shirt: This shirt NEVER goes out of style and withstands the test of time. It is one of the most vesatile items in your closet.

2. Pencil Skirt: LOVE the pencil skirt! This, too, will stand the test of time. It works for business or pleasure and has it's own subtle "playfulness" to it.

3. Dark Wash Denim: It's a MUST HAVE for everyone! Two reasons: One, because the dark wash gives you a slimmimg effect. Two, because it is considered a dressier wash and can be easily worn on "casual Fridays" at the office!

4. Black Pants: Make sure it's a wool or poly blend, as it will last longer and a perfect addition to mix and match within your wardrobe.

5. Leopard: I have leopard print flats that I wear ALL THE TIME. It's a perfect finishing touch to any outfit or could be an item all it's own!

6. Tennis Shoes: These are great for when I do make it to the gym and playing with my hubby, stepson, and doggies outside!

7. Cardigan Sweater: This is my "go to" layering piece. It is perfect for those cooler days, as well as an extra layer while you endure the freezing temps of the air conditioner!

8. Long Necklaces: Layer, layer, layer! The more the merrier! I'm really enjoying this trend and love to put them on with anything and everything!

9. A Statement Timepiece: I LOVE the white ceramic watch that my hubby gave me for our wedding! It has true sentimental value. But, make sure, you have at least one watch in your wardrobe that proves to be professional or casual no matter the situation.

10. High Heels: There is something about putting on a great pair of high heels that you feel like you can go out and conquer the world. I LOVE that feeling!

Ah, and the list could go on!! There is so much to be thankful for, big and small! Hope everyone had a FUN Thanksgiving holiday!

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