Friday, December 11, 2009

The Holidays Are Here! Time To Enjoy The Holiday Cheer! And Look Good Doing It!

Yippee! The holidays are here! The holidays are here! I'm a FREAK about Christmas! Love it! Love it! Love it! But, with the holidays, also comes additional stress. Or should I say STRESSORS? Everything intensifies around the holidays, errands to run, baking to do, travel plans to make all creates additional stress. You would THINK that is the stress that I'm talking about. But, NO! I'm talking about WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR TO ALL OF THE HOLIDAY PARTIES? I can't possibly wear the same thing to any of them and I have such a variety of parties to go party, neighborhood party, a charity event, oh, the list goes on.
In addition to NOT know what to wear to all these parties, it's the stress of trying to determine what is the dress code for each of these parties. Fortunately, over the years, I've been able to break down translation of the typical dress codes. Here is what I know:
Formal/Black Tie: Long evening gowns or dressy evening coordinates.
Black Tie Optional: Long evening gowns or gives the option that you could wear a cocktail length gown.
Cocktail: Mid calf (tea) or short length dresses. Flirty and fun designs with ruffles, sequins, and embellishments acceptable.
Business Formal: Cocktail length dresses that are tailored and more conservative. Can still be accented in fun fabrics, jewel tone colors, or embellishments. Just don't go overboard. Stay classic!
Casual: Take your "everyday" wear up a notch when attending a party. Jeans, skirts, and dresses acceptable, but give them a little festive flair (see below).
Festive: Have fun with it! Sequins, embellishments, metallic threads, and bold colors are all acceptable. "Festive" is typically attached to a dress code such as "festive casual" or "festive cocktail".
Typically, most holiday party dress codes will fall between cocktail and festive. So have fun with it! If it's a business/work party, DEFINITELY be cautious and lean more towards tailored and classic cuts! When you see "casual dress", feel free to come in jeans, but add some holiday flair to them like a velvet blazer or sequined cardigan. Come on, it is the holidays! Personally, I always lean towards festive when attending holiday parties. Why not? It's the only time of year that you can get away with looking like a Christmas tree! (Sometimes literally depending on the Christmas sweater of choice...hee..hee!)
There are many options available in stores right now! Find at least one holiday piece to add to your wardrobe this year. I guarantee it will instantly lift your spirits!
So, don't delay, enjoy the holiday cheer in style today!

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