Monday, August 31, 2009

Superman of Style by USA Weekend

SUPERMAN of STYLE! WOW, does that mean I can be Super Girl (of style)? My stepson is REALLY into Superman right now...he would be so proud of me, if I was Super Girl (of Style). Of course, he would expect me to leap from tall buildings, fly through the air, and the best I can do is add a funky necklace to a great maxi dress, fun flip flops and I'm out the door. I've "saved the world"! Well, at least MY world, anyway!

I was reading the Sunday paper and Tim Gunn caught my eye on the cover of the USA WEEKEND insert that you find in the paper. Normally, I blow right over it, because I'm busy tracking down "the ads"! BUT, being totally obsessed with the latest and greatest fashion crazes and trends...I know who this guy is and couldn't wait to read about him! It's like my husband sitting down and knowing the football player on the front of the sports page. I got nothing when it comes to the sports page! He "got nothing" when he saw how excited I was to read about Tim Gunn.

If you haven't had a chance to watch his show, "Project Runway", with Heidi Klum, you need to do watch it! (I'm sure it's successful too, because the biggest name in the modeling industry is part of the show AND HAPPENS to have the same first name as....ME! Right? Right?)

Here is what I couldn't wait to share:

Tim Gunn's Fashion Mantra:

"Sihouette, proportion, and fit. When you have those, you'll look fabulous, no matter what you're wearing!" (I added the exclamation point, because I think these words are SO IMPORTANT!)

In one, well, actually, two sentences, he was able to answer any and all questions in the fashion world.

Sihouette - make sure the sihouette fits your body type (remember, I was talking about body types?)
Proportion - make sure the proportions of the garment on your body make sense and create a balance.
Fit - make sure the garment fits in ALL THE RIGHT PLACES. If the garment is pulling/tugging in certain areas and it's causing YOU to pull and tug, then it doesn't fit properly!

Seriously, if you can remember these three simple rules, you are headed in the RIGHT DIRECTION to be a fashionista! The simplest of things like a tshirt, dress, or even a sweatsuit will look like a million bucks, if you follow these rules!

And, when you have some extra time, check out Tim Gunn on Project Runway! He knows what he is talking about and deserves the title: "Superman of Style".

So, don't delay...check out Tim Gunn and Project Runway today!

Project Runway
Lifetime Channel
Thursdays 10p.m. ET

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