Friday, August 28, 2009

Curvy, Pear, Boyish...Which one ARE YOU?

No one person is exactly the same. However, it's my opinion, that God follows a few particular "silhouettes" when he is creating women and even some men. He has "blessed" us with a few common body types and/or "silhouettes". Are you curvy, boyish, busty, or PEAR? Most women will say that they are pear, because of their hips/hip size. You will find that more women base their body type on what they "think" it is vs. what their body type REALLY is. Women, nowadays, have a bad habit of looking at our negatives instead of the positives when it comes to our bodies.
Do you know what body type you are? It's important to know this prior to building a wardrobe that will be the most flattering for YOU. Here are some common body type categories that people fall into:

BUSTY: Chest is larger in proportion to your hips. Typically, you have slim arms and legs, carrying most of your wait in the middle.

PEAR: More of your weight is carried in your hip rather than your shoulders. Typically, a small bust and more defined waist.

BOYISH: Straight up and down without alot of shape. Typically, you are the same size from head to toe. Minimal curves.

CURVY: Bust and Hips that fall close in proportion with a smaller, defined waist. May otherwise be known as the hourglass figure.

You will find other names and/or a few other body type categories, but, these are the most common body types or "sihouettes" that are known today.

If you can't determine what is the best category for your body shape, take this test that I found on It will ask you a series of questions to determine your body type.

Once you know what your body type is, acknowledge it, and learn what the best "fits" are for that particular shape/type, so you will be able to go out and find the most flattering clothing items for you to "highlight your assets". Alway accentuate the positive, right??!!

Future blogs will include specific tips and/or clothing items that best fit each body type. But, until you figure out what is YOUR body type, that information won't be helpful to you at all....

So, don't delay....figure out your body shape today!!

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