Thursday, November 19, 2009

Check out Kate918....

Okay, first, I was going to ask Kate, if she would let me take pictures of her store to post on my site. But, typical me, I was so caught up with shopping and visiting with everyone that I left without taking any pictures! OOPS!

However, I did walk out with a bag of goodies....priorities, right?! HA!

If you haven't had a chance to check out this boutique, you need to! It's Kate918 and you will find it at 101st and Yale. Most, if not all, are familiar with Donna's Fashions, which is a great store too. Kate918 is in the same shopping area as Donna's. (You will have to forgive me, I can't remember the name of the shopping center right now. I'm sure I will think of it during the middle of the night!)

Kate, the owner, is very sweet, and so is Melissa, the manager. They are moms, like many ofus, and they totally "get" the concept of "even if you're a mom, you can still be stylish"! Yahoo! (And, even if you're not a mom, don't let that stop you either...go check it out!) My favorite thing about the store is you have access to fun, boutique items WITHOUT the expensive boutique prices! I walk out of that store with something in my hand...EVERY TIME!!!

I attended the Holiday Open House tonight and I had a blast! She did it right! Great food, some wine, and lots of shopping! What more can you ask for! It was a perfect evening to spend with girlfriends.

If you couldn't make it tonight, I'm sure Kate would love to have you stop by another time. You won't regret it! Well, maybe, your pocketbook will, but, you won't!!

So, don't delay...check out Kate918 today!

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