Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Holiday Gift Ideas Under $100.00

Okay, my apologies to everyone!

We have had a ton of requests for the information from the Holiday Gift Ideas Under $100.00 from News on 6 today! I'm so sorry that I didn't set this is up ahead of time, so you could have the information at your fingertips after the segment had aired! Live and learn, right?!?!

But, here is a listing of all the product that was part of the segment today. I don't have pictures of all of it and am hoping to post the link to my site very soon!

Women's Gifts Under $100.00
White Fringe Wrap, $70.00, Donna's Fashions
Leopard Print and Red Plaid Scarfs w/ Faux Fur Pom-Poms, $57.00 each, Donna's Fashions
Faux Fur Neck Wrap, $49.00, Donna's Fashions
Leopard Cap, $49.00, Donna's Fashions


Statement Jewelry
Fuchsia Stone/Gold Necklace, $88.00, Little Black Dress
Fuchsia Stone/Gold Earrings, $38.00, Little Black Dress
Long Chain w/ Gold Circles, $25.00, Kate918
Multi-Strand Pearl Necklace (that I had on), $64.00, Donna's Fashions


Totes/Computer Bags
Red Tote, $69.00, Dillards
Black Computer Bag, $24.99, Target


Towel Spa, $79.95, Brookstone


Surefire G2 Flashlight, $69.00, The Gadget Company
Leatherman S2 Flashlight, $79.00, The Gadget Company
Leatherman S3 Flashlight, $89.00, The Gadget Company

The Gadget Company - Tulsa, Ok

BBQ Grill Light, $39.95, Brookstone

Moshi Alarm Clock, $49.95, Brookstone
-voice activated

iPhone Rechargeable Stand, $69.95, Brookstone
-helps alleviate the draining of the battery, especially when using other phone applications.


Kids - Toys
Webkinz, $9.99 each, Target

Zippity Learning Center, $69.99, Target

Digital Camera, $48.89, Target

Transformers - Constructicon, $89.99, Target
-transforms into 6 separate transformers

Wii Resort Video Game, $49.99, Target

Wii Super Mario Brothers Video Game, $49.99, Target
-BRAND NEW - just came out on Sunday

Xbox 360/PS3/PC Call of Duty Video Game, $59.99, Target


I will do better next time everyone and get pictures AND the information to you BEFORE the segment!!

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  1. thanks for the great ideas! if you want more ideas, i suggest taking a look at gifts.com. the site has hand-picked items, gift guides, and a blog that features a new article each day written by a "gift guru." recently they promoted a gift guide for women and yesterday they had one for the host/hostess (they suggested buying a cordless serving tray that keeps your entrees/appetizers warm or cold depending on your desired temperature). it is definitely worth taking a look at! here's the link for those interested http://blog.gifts.com/giftrap/